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13 Nov

Understanding How an Energy Consultancy can Benefit Business


The best way of understanding how an energy consultancy can benefit your business is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your business paying too much for its electricity and gas?
  • And, how would you know if you are paying too much?


This is where an energy consultancy can really pay dividends since the service will help clients save not only energy and money but also a time in dealing with everything to do with sourcing a new energy contract.

This means that from procurement and through to developing and then implementing an effective energy management strategy and reducing energy consumption, the energy consultancy will have the experience to deliver all of these aims.

The first task by the consultant will be to work closely with the client to evaluate their requirements and needs and then help lower both of their tariff rates for gas and electricity.

Important that the energy consultant gives advice

It’s also important that the energy consultant gives advice on longer-term energy contracts and the potential of moving their energy needs to a renewable source – which is an increasingly popular route for those firms looking to boost their ‘green’ credentials.

The end result for all energy consultancy projects should be:

  • A reduction in energy bills
  • Enhanced environmental credentials
  • Boost to the firm’s reputation
  • And a long-term commitment to using less energy.


It’s also important to appreciate that energy consultants will have to tailor their offering to individual companies and develop bespoke solutions that help meet the firm’s needs.

It’s important also that all firms should appreciate that they may need an energy consultant to look at how and where they are using energy – and it’s not just the big corporations either.

Indeed, small businesses from one-man bands to a chain of retail outlets to charities and other organisations can all utilise the expertise from a consultant to help reduce their overall energy spend.

One of the issues an energy consultant will provide help is to look at your energy bills to ensure you are not only on the right tariff for your needs but have been paying the correct amount. Mistakes by energy suppliers can be easy to make but difficult to spot.

Consultant’s energy services expertise

The consultant’s energy services expertise will also include looking at the current offers and deals to ensure that by switching energy supplier, a firm will not only save money but get a better deal.

It’s also important to ask a potential energy consultant whether they can give advice on water suppliers and tariffs since for firms in England and Scotland there’s an opportunity to switch suppliers and save even more money on utility bills.

Indeed, the potential savings to be enjoyed by firms of all shapes and sizes could be substantial and even a one-man band may save several hundred pounds every year while larger firms could save thousands of pounds. That makes utilising an energy expert’s experience financially rewarding.

The best explanation of what an energy consultant or an energy broker can do is that they are someone who works with energy suppliers and have huge experience in the UK’s commercial energy market. It is this experience that will benefit you.

They will also understand the renewable energy sector and help deliver an excellent gas or electricity contract. Some energy consultants have other services including reducing energy usage and helping businesses control their energy costs – both of which will see further savings to be made on your firm’s energy spend.

And with energy prices set to rise over the short-term, it’s highly likely that all firms and organisations will benefit from having a consultant look at their operations and to make recommendations for improvements and savings.

There’s also the opportunity for a business to ensure that it is energy compliant with various regulations as well as laws they must abide by.

The consultant will be able to measure their business carbon footprint

And also, this is an increasingly important issue, a firm will be able to demonstrate that they are doing their bit for the environment since the consultant will be able to measure their business carbon footprint and show them how to take steps to reducing it and boosting their green credentials when doing so.


If you would like to know more about how an energy consultancy can benefit your business or even discuss how to achieve lower business energy bills for improving your bottom line, then speak with the experts at D-Energi.

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