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Take control of your business energy with latest generation of SMETS2 or AMR meters now available.

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Smart Meters

Why smart meters

  • Upgrading to smart meters is a national commitment to reducing energy use in Great Britain. The UK Government have made it mandatory that all energy suppliers should install smart meters in all homes and small businesses by the end of 2025.
  • Smart meters allow you to track your energy usage patterns and allow access to more detailed reports, giving you an idea of how you’re using your energy and how you could reduce your consumption.
  • Your meter readings are automatically sent to your supplier via a safe and secure national network set up solely for smart meters (the Data Communications Company or DCC). Although they use a wireless system, it doesn’t use your Wi-Fi connection.

We suggest our customers visit the Great Britain smart meter roll out website which is full of useful information and facts on smart meters.


What were D-ENERGi’s Smart Meter Roll Out Targets for 2022 and what are new targets for 2024?

Fuel 2022
Planned/Actual 2022
Smart Meters Installed 2022
. . .
Electricity Planned annual target delivery 14
Actual Qualifying Metering Systems installed 0
. . .
Gas Planned annual target delivery 32
Actual Qualifying Metering Systems installed 133
. . .
Fuel 2023
Planned/Actual 2023
Smart Meters Installed 2023
. . .
Gas Planned annual target delivery 135
Actual Qualifying Metering Systems installed 184
. . .
Electricity Planned annual target delivery 112
Actual Qualifying Metering Systems installed 112
. . .
Fuel 2024 Planned/Actual 2024 Smart Meters Installed 2024
. . .
Gas Planned annual target delivery 48
Actual Qualifying Metering Systems installed 0
. . .
Electric Planned annual target delivery 148
Actual Qualifying Metering Systems installed 0


I’m a business.
What type of smart meters can I have?

Our regulator OFGEM has made it mandatory to categorise businesses we supply into 2 categories referred as either micro business or non micro business.  We ask all our customers to familarise themselves with our micro business guide. Micro businesses are typically smaller businesses that have the option to choose between an automatic meter reading (AMR) meter or a SMETS2 meter. Both offer similar benefits, depending on your requirements please see the comparison table below. If your consumption is above this threshold and we supply you, you are typically a non micro business. D-ENERGi will be rolling out the latest SMETS2 meters & AMR meters to all qualifying micro business and non micro business customers, with their consent over the coming months and years as required by our regulator OFGEM.

AMR Smart meter SMETS2 Smart Meter
Automatic meater reading
Accurate billing *
Consumption data
Appointment time suit you
No conditional cost to install
Change of supplier Your smart meter should operate with the same functionality as long as the supplier has an agreement with the operator of the AMR meter Your smart meter should operate with the same functionality
When can I get one ? Now Subject to availability.

The difference between AMR & SMETS2 meters

Micro businesses or smaller businesses can choose from two types of smart meter, depending on their needs. Each type will help you better understand how your business uses energy. You can choose from:

AMR smart meters

When you upgrade to a new AMR smart meter, you can gain a better understanding of your energy consumption. That knowledge can help you reduce the amount of energy you use. And that can help to lower your costs and reduce your carbon footprint. AMR meters are typically installed on the higher usage business customers.

Your AMR smart meter sends your meter readings remotely. So you’ll benefit from accurate bills based on your actual readings, rather than an estimate.

SMETS2 smart meters

SMETS2 smart meters give you all the same benefits of AMR meters. These include remote meter readings, accurate billing without the need for estimates, plus access to your energy data.

What’s more, when you link a Consumer Access Device (CAD) or an In Home Display (IHD) to your SMETS2 meter, so you can view your energy consumption in near real-time.

Whether you’d prefer AMR or SMETS2 smart meters, they can be requested by whoever pays the bill. If you rent your premises, ask your landlord before upgrading your meter.

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More FAQs on business smart meters

Do I need to pay for an upgrade to a business smart meter?
A: Many business are eligible for a smart meter at no extra cost. Speak to us for more information. Half hourly customers are not eligible.  This does not include new connections. And there may be a charge if you’re a non-micro business and you opted to exchange an AMR meter for a SMETS2 meter.
How long does it take to install a business smart meter?
A: A business smart meter installation should take about an hour. Your electricity supply will need to be turned off for about 40 minutes. Our engineers will do their best to minimise disruption to your business.
Where will my smart meter be fitted?
A: In most cases, your new meter (or meters) will be put in the same place as your old one(s).
Why can’t I upgrade my business gas meter?
A: Business gas smart meter upgrades are only available for certain types of meters. We’ll be in touch when we can upgrade yours.
Do I need a strong mobile phone signal on my premises?
A: Yes. During the installation, we’ll carry out a test and tell you if your signal is strong enough. If you have a weak signal, the meter won’t be able to send smart meter readings to us and our engineer will talk you through your options.
What do you mean when you say a smart meter upgrade is subject to survey?
A: It’s possible that we may not be able to install a business smart meter due to factors that are out of our control. One example would be a poor mobile phone signal at your business premises. For this reason, a survey of your premises is needed. If the survey reveals that we’re unable to install a smart meter, we’ll explain the reasons and tell you the options that are open to you.
How secure is my energy data?

A: We comply with the ISO 27001 standard for all information security management systems, making sure our customer or energy consumption data is held and transmitted securely.

For details of how we manage your personal customer data, please see our privacy policy.

What if I don’t want my energy data being used?
A. If you’re a micro business and not half-hourly settled, you can opt out of your energy data being used by filling in our opt-out form. We’ll still collect your monthly meter readings to produce accurate bills, but we won’t be able to offer you personalised energy-saving advice.
What happens when you install my business smart meter?

A: We’ll test your signal to make sure it’s strong enough to send meter readings. Our engineer will then record the final reading on your old meter.

It’ll take about an hour to fit the new business smart meter and your electricity will need to be turned off for about 40 minutes. Our engineer will then take a first reading from your new smart meter.

We’ve signed up to the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP). This means we’ll always:

  • Give you a high quality of service throughout the installation
  • Book an appointment at a time to suit your business
  • Minimise disruption
  • Tell you if we can’t install your smart meter and go through your options
  • Show you how your smart meter works
I’ve booked an appointment to have a business smart meter installed. What do I need to do before the installation?

A: Before your installation, please:

  • Clear the area around your old meter so it’s easy to get to
  • Unlock doors if your old meter is in a cupboard
  • Turn off any electrical items like alarms or computers, so they’re not affected when your electricity is turned off
  • Tell us if there are times and days when the installation would be most convenient
I had a business smart meter installation booked but no-one turned up. What do I do?

A: If we’ve missed your appointment please call the installation partner to see if it can be re-scheduled.

If you’re not happy please, raise a complaint.

If you’re a micro business, find out more about the Electricity and Gas (Standards of Performance) (Suppliers) Regulations 2015.

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