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17 Apr

What Does The Future Look Like For Business Energy Prices?

by chris

After two years of what can only be described as total chaos and uncertainty for the energy market, is 2024 bringing a change to the energy market and what could be influencing prices?

In this blog we will explore the current situation for the energy market and wholesale prices. Whilst also considering what businesses are currently dealing with in terms of energy prices and bills.


Uncertainty remains for business owners

Global events and supply/demand fluctuations can cause prices to rise unexpectedly. And with various conflicts undergoing around key energy supply areas around the world, governments and businesses will keep a close eye on the global markets, with some hesitancy towards a sense of relaxation just yet. In fact, just recently, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the conflict across Israel, Palestine and areas in the Middle East, wholesale prices have once again experienced a rise.

For many business owners, dealing with the energy crisis and the impact this has had is still ongoing and this is expected to continue while essential leaders in the industry undergo volatile situations.

And while some businesses have been able to access government-funded support, others felt this wasn’t enough. Subsequently these small businesses are still dealing with debts and financial issues as a result.


Comparison is key

Despite a few changes to wholesale prices since the beginning of the energy crisis, they are still higher than pre-pandemic levels. So, this is still something that businesses are having to adjust to. And in combination with other factors such as the cost of living, this isn’t necessarily a relief for businesses. In fact, for many, wholesale prices are still having a considerable effect on business finances.

To conclude, high prices, although subject to change, are yet to be a thing of the past. And now would be a good time, while we are at the start of a new financial year, to shop around for your business energy rates, and settle on a good deal for the year ahead. For some of the best rates from an alternative business energy supplier to the big energy suppliers, choose D-ENERGi. Get a quote today.


What to do in the wake of rising energy prices

While the global situation continues to impact the market, we are here to help. All our business customers can access the support of our dedicated account managers for assistance in regard to their energy bills and concerns surrounding payments. We offer personalised services and support to address your concerns promptly.

For those who want to get the best rates and keep costs down, as much as possible, we suggest that you consider installing a smart meter for closer observation of your energy usage, and consider ways to reduce consumption.

And, as we near the warmer months of the year, now is a great time to service your high energy consuming appliances such as your HVAC units, refrigerators and more, ensuring these are as economical and as energy efficient as possible. By doing this you will be taking small and simple steps to keep your consumption down.

We would also suggest that you make the most of natural light during the day, keeping artificial lights off or dimly lit. Meanwhile the temperature of your business premises should be kept at a consistent and comfortable working temperature.

For help with your current situation and to discuss your business energy rates with a member of our helpful team, do not hesitate to get in touch with D-ENERGi. We ensure that all calls will be answered within five rings or less by a human instead of leaving a voicemail.

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