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23 years of experience
23 years of experience

Business Energy

Business Energy Prices

Compare business energy prices – Switch & Save

Looking for a new business energy supplier? D-ENERGi are an OFGEM accredited business energy supplier specifically serving the commercial market. You may not of heard of us before but our customers love us! See our latest reviews on trustpilot.

Based in Manchester for over 23 years, we have a growing and dedicated loyal portfolio of care homes, hotels, schools and many other businesses all over the United Kingdom. A business energy quote comes with no cost or obligation get a free quote today by calling 0800 781 7626.

How you can easily cut your Business Energy Costs

The friendly team at the energy will go out on fairway so you can easily cut your business energy costs.

That’s because we are experts in helping a wide range of firms and organisations including schools and care homes, find a better deal for their electricity and supply.

We do this by making it easy for clients to compare prices between potential energy suppliers and then help them switch to fairer and cheaper rates.

But how much can you save?

There’s no set answer for this question but all firms and organisations will be able to save money, and some will save substantial amounts from their energy overheads.

For example, a micro-business may save several hundred pounds while a larger concern could save several thousands of pounds every year.

Delivering lower Business Energy Prices

This is the D-Energi step-by-step guide for delivering lower commercial energy prices:

  • The D-Energi team will take a few details to understand your business and your energy needs
  • We will compare prices to find the best offer currently available that best meets your requirements
  • Our process will save you time in finding a cheaper energy deal and we can take care of the switchover process as well
  • Avoid being moved to more expensive rates when a contract comes to an end as we will remind you that it’s time to renew for a cheaper energy deal
  • We work with a wide range of commercial energy suppliers to deliver great service and even better deals.
  • It takes just one phone call, so in just a few minutes you could be saving thousands of pounds every year.

Finding a new Business Energy Supplier

Here at D-Energi we also appreciate that when it comes to finding a new business energy supplier, most business owners simply do not have the time. Other organisation leaders will also struggle to find the time to research thoroughly the energy supply market to find a deal that best meets their demands. It’s also important to highlight that business energy tariffs are not like the ones we have for our homes and the commercial energy market is a volatile one. This means that the prices for electricity and gas supply can change on a daily basis so it pays to utilise the expertise of the D-Energi team who understand how the market works. Also, while prices will fluctuate regularly, it’s also important to appreciate that the average business will have differing energy needs; they will also use more energy than we do our home and they will use it in different ways. Along with having an energy supply contract that meets their specific needs, there’s also the opportunity for those with several sites to have one energy tariff and this will save money and time. For those larger energy users, they may have switched to half hourly metering, or HH metres, which will deliver accurate energy readings to their supplier every 30 minutes.

Looking for Business Energy Prices per kWh

All organisations that are looking for business energy prices per kWh because they have a maximum energy demand of 100 kW in any half-hour will need to be on half hourly metering – and D-Energi can help find the best deals for you. There are positives for these meters and the main one is that a potential new supplier will see when your energy needs are and then be able to tailor their offering to meet this need. For those organisations looking for a good business gas deal then the size of your operations will also determine a category a supplier will place you in for them to offer a bespoke deal, see here. It’s also possible when switching business energy suppliers to be placed on a variable or fixed rate tariff and for some organisations the latter may be more attractive. That’s because they will be able to predict their cash flow over the length of the contract which may be up to three years, for instance.

Business Energy Prices will fluctuate

As mentioned previously, the fact that business energy prices will fluctuate regularly means that a business owner will spend time searching for the best electricity and gas tariffs only to find the best offers are no longer available just a few days later. This is where utilising the knowledge and experience of how the energy market operates in the UK will pay dividends because the D-Energi team will have resources and access to the full market and the best deals. On top of this, it’s also important to appreciate that the switchover process is seamless and there’s no loss of supply to an organisation’s premises when moving to a new gas or electricity supplier. Indeed, the D-Energi team can take care of the paperwork and ensure there are no unexpected snags and also help with giving your current energy provider a termination notice. Remember, when it comes to finding the best gas and electricity prices for your business or organisation, the team at the energy can:

  • Provide business energy quotes from major suppliers quickly
  • Search the entire market to compare business energy prices and offers
  • Our helpful team of advisers have helped thousands of organisations save money
  • The process takes just a few minutes of your time
  • We help with the switchover process too
  • And we will remind you when to renew your energy supply contract to enjoy the best and lowest commercial energy rates for your firm or organisation.

If you would like to know how you can easily cut your business energy costs, then it is time to speak with the D-Energi team today.

Our Customers' Reviews


Antony Elmore

We at printing.com have had a fantastic business relationship with D-ENERGi for over 14 years, and its always a pleasure. I'd highly recommend the team at D-ENERGi to anyone!

d energi review

Mike Smith

I have been a client for about 7 years.  I run a large, multi-site care business in the South East and was initially canvassed and offered some good rates, which I took up. They now look after every single energy contract I have.

d energi testimonial

J Hall

I have had very little reason to contact D-ENERGi but on the occasions I have, found them friendly and helpful J.Hall.



Superb professional service! Would highly recommend D-ENERGi - we were already a customer from a previous contract and the rates offered were competitive and the service provided with excellent Zoe!


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  • We are one of the few totally independent UK energy providers.

    D-ENERGi already holds a significant market share of SME business in the UK.  You can be rest assured D-ENERGi is a business which will set out to consistently exceed expectations.

  • D-ENERGi VAT & Climate Change Levy (CCL) Energy Rebates team.

    Not all organisations are liable to pay for VAT & the Climate Change Levy on there supply of gas and electricity these can be various from care homes to charities. We have a dedicated rebates team. If you feel you may have been overcharged on your electricity and gas bills do not hesitate to contact our VAT & CCL Rebates team.

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