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28 Jul

Understanding Why An Energy Consultancy Can Save Money

by Simon Thompson

For those firms who are looking to lower their energy costs, they may wonder why an energy consultancy can help them save even more money.

Indeed, they may be reluctant to consider the input from an energy consultant as being a waste of time.

This stance could not be further from the truth since energy consultants will understand the best tariff to be on and help the firm introduce energy efficiencies to lower their bills over the long term.

This means the firm will enjoy not only lower bills but will use less energy and also boost their environmental credentials as well.

Source energy services

It’s a straightforward process to source energy services to boost a firm’s use of energy and there are lots of well-established organisations that can help but for those business owners that simply do not have the time to search for them, then it’s easier to contact a firm that does appreciate what needs to be done.

This will mean speaking with the friendly team at D-Energi who will explain why an energy consultancy will save money and how the firm can best use the advice.

It’s important that firms find the best energy deal that meets their needs and an energy consultant will be to help in this regard. They will also look at the firm’s current deal to see whether it is suitable or even if there is a possibility for a rebate when it is not.

Potential energy saving tips

However, it’s not just about sourcing cheaper energy deals and the consultant will also highlight potential energy saving tips for an organisation.

These may include, for example, switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, switching off lights when not being used, installing motion sensing lights and encouraging staff to switch off computers and screens.

There are also other savings that firms may not consider such as having more efficient kitchen appliances, for instance, why would staff boil a full kettle to make just one drink?

Technology to help boost energy efficiencies

And the consultant will also know of the best technology to help boost energy efficiencies.

An energy consultant could also help the firm negotiate a deal with suppliers, validate the firm’s energy invoices to highlight mistakes and help the firm budget effectively in line with their business plans and ambitions.


For more help and advice about understanding why energy consultancy can save a firm money, then speak with the team at D-Energi.