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8 Oct

Is An Energy Consultancy for You?

by Simon Thompson

If you are a business owner and wondering whether an energy consultancy might be for you and your firm, then this article will explain why it will be.

Firstly, an energy consultant will help you and your business reduce the amount of energy that you use to help deliver real long-term savings that will help boost profitability.

In addition, an energy consultancy will see you reduce energy usage to help boost your environmental credentials.

But the energy consultant’s work is more involved than that because they will have an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace to ensure you are on the right deal and tariff.

Energy services offering

If an energy consultancy sounds attractive, then the team at D-Energi can help deliver this as part of their energy services offering.

This work is not just limited to businesses as organisations of all sizes can benefit by reducing their energy bills and doing their bit for our environment.

The energy consultant will also understand the relevant laws and how they impact on a firm or organisation and even look at previous bills to ensure you have not been overcharged by your energy supplier.

That’s because billing mistakes do occur and a systematic auditing process will highlight what these are as part of the energy services offering.

Energy service company wanting to attract you as a customer

This consultancy service is also offered by an energy service company wanting to attract you as a customer and there’s a lot to recommend signing up.

In addition to accessing much lower energy rates, the knock-on effect of having a consultant ensure you are not be paying more than is necessary will deliver real cost savings that make an impact.

Indeed, all firms and organisations should be looking at their overheads on a regular basis and while we cannot avoid paying for energy, it is a service that we can make cheaper.

Obviously, business owners could approach energy suppliers and energy consultants directly to access cheaper bills or they could use one of the comparison sites for this purpose.

However, approaching suppliers directly can be time-consuming and the energy comparison site may not be checking all of the potential energy providers.

This means that the team of experts at D-Energi will be able to search the entire marketplace and organise an energy consultancy to be undertaken to help your firm reduce its bills.