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21 Dec

Switch Business Gas Suppliers and Save

by Simon Thompson

For those firms and organisations who are looking to switch business gas suppliers to save money on their overheads, then you will be needing a range of quotes for this purpose.

For a busy business owner this can be a time-consuming process and you will need to compare the offers between providers to find a deal that best suits you.

While there are business energy comparison sites available, these may not search the whole of the market offering so there could be better and cheaper deals available that you will not hear about.

Alternatively, you could speak with a friendly team of experts who do have access to the marketplace to find a bespoke deal that will save you money and this means contacting D-Energi.

Finding new business energy suppliers

The process for finding new business energy suppliers is straightforward because the marketplace is a competitive one. And while the ‘Big Six’ still dominate the market, there are some very good smaller suppliers offering great deals and other incentives such as an energy consultancy to help you reduce consumption levels.

This energy consultancy will also help deliver longer term energy savings, so your bills will become lower as a result.

While finding a potential new energy supplier is straightforward, you will need to appreciate how much they are charging per unit and what their standing charge will be.

These standing charges are the amount levied on a daily basis for supplying energy to your business premises.

So, while a firm may offer what appears to be a great deal with lower unit rates, their standing charge may be much higher to compensate and you may not be saving anything as a result.

Business electricity suppliers

Understanding how a supplier puts their deal together is important not just for gas, but also for business electricity suppliers too.

In addition, the best time for conducting this research to find new suppliers is when your provider tells you what your next year’s contract will be which opens a window of opportunity.

If you decide to remain with your current provider, you may be paying more than is necessary for your energy needs because they may have moved you to a ‘deemed’ contract which usually have higher rates.

The best route when it comes to switching business gas suppliers, and also for electricity providers, is to speak with experts who understand the market and in a few minutes can find a new provider with a great offering and that means contacting the team at D-Energi.