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24 Nov

What is P272 and how does it affect my business?

by Simon Thompson

Businesses will be affected by a new regulation called ‘P272’ which will require some of them to use automated energy meters that will send their usage to the energy supplier every half-hour.

The idea is the new system will give business energy suppliers an incentive to buy electricity that will meet their customers’ needs and it should mean that the P272 regulation will lead to businesses receiving more accurate bills.

By doing so, the business will then see what their energy usage patterns are and whether they can increase or even decrease their energy costs and usage.

Some firms stand to save thousands of pounds every year on their energy bills if they have several sites using energy.

Which businesses are affected by the P272 regulation

When it comes to finding out which businesses are affected by the P272 regulation means checking which electricity meter they have installed; if it’s under the 05-08 class then it will be affected.

The details are also on the energy firm’s invoice and will say something like ‘MPAN Profile Type: 05, 06, 07 or 08’.

If your business has not already moved to the new half hourly meters means that the new meters must be installed on site by April 2017 in order to meet the P272 regulations.

The process of this meter switchover began in April 2014 with larger business energy users being among the first to make the switch and all other firms must meet the deadline – failure to comply may see the business being placed on a contract automatically that may not meet their needs.

Meet the demands of the P272 regulation

For this reason alone it makes sense to meet the demands of the P272 regulation and make the switch to half hourly meters which is also a good opportunity for finding a new business energy supplier who will probably be able to supply energy at a lower rate. This means the business will be spending less and therefore making more profits.

This is also a good time to find an organisation who understands the P272 regulation and can help find a new business energy supplier with lower tariffs and better deals which will mean contacting the helpful team at D-Energi to use their expertise and experience.

Essentially, for anyone who is asking what is P272 and how does it affect my business then the short answer is it affects every business in the UK and they need to comply with its demands so for help in making the process easier and to understand it fully, contact D-Energi today.