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21 Jun

How to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient


A HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit is an incredibly energy demanding system that can be found in a wide variety of business premises. Used to regulate a working temperature or keep a premises cool during warmer periods, an essential component of the working environment, a HVAC system can play a huge role in the costs of your business energy bills. In order to manage the running costs of your HVAC whilst getting the most out of it, we’ve provided these tips on how to make your HVAC system more efficient.


Monitor the usage of your thermostat 

In order to reduce the strain on your HVAC, you should monitor the usage of your thermostat. In work places there can be a lot of opinions when it comes to what the temperature of your working environment should be, however, too many people having access to and changing the thermostat settings throughout the day can impact your HVAC unit and put pressure on this, putting the system at risk of malfunctioning. Monitoring your system closely and maintaining a regular temperature is best for the upkeep and efficiency of your HVAC unit. Not only this, but you will be saving yourself money on your energy bills too! 

If you spend too much time outside of the office or away from the main business premises but still want control over the thermostat, a great solution is to invest in a smart thermostat which can be controlled from a mobile device, even when not in the building. 


Prioritise insulation 

When your building is not properly insulated you will be wasting much of the energy used on running your system. Allowing both the cool and warm air to escape. In order to feel the genuine benefits of both your heating and cooling system, you should guarantee that your working premises are well insulated. Insulation is one of the most effective ways of trapping heat and also keeping building cools in summer. By doing this, your HVAC unit will feel more effective, meaning you won’t have to excessively heat or cool your premises in order to feel comfortable at work. 


Regular Maintenance & Servicing 

Finally one of the best ways to ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently is to arrange regular maintenance and servicing with qualified engineers. 

Small air leaks and damage to the interior of the system may be impacting its performance. This will result in greater energy consumption and higher business energy bills. Having annual servicing will ensure the system is regularly checked for performance issues and small damages, with fixes being made to ensure your system is running most effectively. 

Engineers can also offer their best advice when it comes to running your system daily, providing tips on how to get the most out of your system and extend its life span. 

If you’re worried about your current business energy bills and would like more information on how to reduce your costs, our blog covers a range of tips, from switching to energy efficient lighting to installing a smart meter. Read more here.

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