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23 Mar

What Is P272?


What is P272? P27what? You aren’t alone in the dark about P272.  P272 is regarded as one of the biggest shakeups to the business electricity market since deregulation. Sounds more like a character out of star wars,  but here are some facts on P272,  which we have put together hopefully jargon free. If you unsure on how P272 affects your business please do not hesitate to contact us for free on 0800 781 7626, we will be delighted to help you further. You may also like to view our infographic and visit our support page dedicated to the P272 OFGEM legislation.

The Facts – What Is P272

P272 is a new regulation which has been implemented by OFGEM. It affects the way suppliers settle electricity consumption for businesses with a specified energy use. Resulting in sites being changed to half hourly.

Remember, remember the 5th November… “Guy Fawkes?”. No, no… this is when the P272 migration began! The deadline for all sites to be settled to Half-Hourly is 1st April 2017. Don’t be fooled by the date, it really is 1st April! Also, don’t be put off by the 2017 threat – it’ll be here before you know it!

The settlement is being put in place in order for suppliers to balance the amount of energy being purchased from the Generators. The aim for P272 is to make the readings more accurate via the half hourly consumption. This will provide distributors with more understanding on electricity use. This results in networks ensuring they are sufficiently developed and maintained.

Ultimately, P272 helps you and your business manage and also use the energy smartly. It gives you the opportunity to see where and when you are consuming energy. Also, a more accurate settlement which could lead to better tariff rates… something nobody would say no to, agreed?

Now you (hopefully) have a little more understanding of P272 here is how to prepare:

  1. Learn if your portfolio is affected.
  1. Speak to your supplier, they will be more than happy to explore your options with you.
  1. Select your Half-Hourly Meter and Data Collector.

If your business has a maximum demand electricity supply categorised by profile classes:

05 06 07 08

And you have an Automated Meter Reading meter of which is capable of HH data collection and remote programming. Just to let you know… 160,000 sites are affected so it is definitely worth double, maybe even triple checking!

How do I check?!” I hear you say? Simple… you just check the S number at the top of your electricity bill to find out your sites profile class.


Believe it or not, P272 can be very beneficial for you and here’s why:

  • You receive accurate billing
  • It offers you the ability to avoid peak times of electricity use
  • It gives you an insight on your energy usage
  • It allows you to make room for an opportunity of improvement and efficiency


This is an OFGEM regulation affecting ALL maximum demand meters and ALL electricity suppliers equally. If you’re being advised P272 does not affect your business, please let us double check this for you.


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