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20 Jun

Get Lower Business Electricity Prices per kWh

by Simon Thompson

An effective way of lowering an organisation’s overheads is to enjoy lower business electricity prices per kWh (kilowatt hour) but what does this mean?

Firstly, there’s no one size fits all rate when you begin searching for a new business electricity provider.

The kilowatt-hour rate being quoted will vary from business to business and also between suppliers and the location of your organisation will also influence the prices being quoted – as will your energy usage. Larger users of electricity will generally enjoy the cheaper prices.

For example, if you contact one of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers then you may find that their prices are very similar – but this should not put you off scouring the market for better business electricity tariffs. All firms, even one man bands, should be able to access a cheaper deal.

Always compare business electricity prices per kWh

There are lots of newer and smaller suppliers offering better rates so you should always compare business electricity prices per kWh whenever your current provider contacts you with details of your next year’s contract.

This opportunity to compare prices could lead to big savings and you could carry out a small comparison exercise between a few suppliers and use the information to renegotiate with your current provider or accept the best deal offered.

There are online business electricity comparison sites available and though these sites may not be searching the entire marketplace they will give a good idea of what the market rate is for your firm’s needs.

Another issue that needs to be considered when looking at electricity prices in kilowatt-hours is that the length of contract you sign up for may have an impact with longer-term contracts tending to deliver greater savings.

Understanding business gas prices per kWh 

This search for cheaper business electricity rates also extends to understanding business gas prices per kWh to lower those bills as well.

Essentially, gas unit prices for business tend to be much lower than for electricity but business gas suppliers also tend to have a higher standing charge.

The standing charge from the energy providers is for the costs they incur supplying electricity and gas to your premises and also for helping to maintain the National Grid.


For any firm or organisation wanting cheaper business electricity prices per kWh and who needs to understand more about the process then you should speak to the experts at D-Energi.