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26 Jan

Why a Business Should Switch Energy Suppliers

by Simon Thompson

At a time when most businesses are looking at increasing energy costs it makes sense for them to look at how they can switch energy suppliers and save money.

For one thing, by switching their energy supply is one of the best ways in reducing how much a business is spending on its energy needs.

That’s not to say that a business cannot reduce its energy demand still further by encouraging staff to help reduce bills by, for instance, switching off lights in unused offices.

Indeed, as with domestic energy suppliers, there are a wide range of business energy suppliers available for firms to choose from for an energy tariff that better suits their needs.

However, for firms that are looking at switching their energy supply they should appreciate that not all energy suppliers will offer the firm with a business energy quote for gas and electricity; the firm will need to find separate quotes for their business gas and electricity use.

Make the business energy switch

In order to make the business energy switch, a business needs to know how much energy they are consuming every year in order to find the best available tariff.

Also, while it may appear easy to find cheaper business energy tariffs, the organisation should also appreciate that their business needs should take priority over energy prices.

This means that the business energy supplier, whether it’s for electricity or gas, is offering the firm the best level of service that the business will be requiring.

One way of doing this is for the firm to be aware of the differences between business energy suppliers before making a switch to a contract that is more suitable to their energy needs.

Indeed, the best way of doing this and sourcing the best business energy deals currently available is to approach a firm that understands how the market works and which can deliver the savings and standard of supply the firm is looking for.

Find a small business energy supplier

There are a variety of reasons for this but one of the most important ones is to find a small business energy supplier who is active in the small business field and appreciate what their needs are.

This is in comparison to the bigger business energy suppliers who can serve energy to all businesses regardless of their size but which may not appreciate what small firms may be wanting, for instance.

Finally, the most important reason for looking to switch energy supply is that by not shopping around means the energy supplier will probably transfer their customer onto a rolling contract, better known as ‘deemed rates’, which will mean the energy prices are imposed by the supplier – and which will probably not be the cheapest energy prices available.

However, the team at D-Energi can help explain the business energy market and tariffs for those firms wanting to switch energy supply.