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5 Dec

Are Your Business Gas Rates Correct?

by Simon Thompson

Do you know whether your business gas rates are correct and, if not, how would you go about rectifying the situation?

For those firms who have never bothered switching their business gas supplier, then they have probably been moved across to a ‘deemed’ contract automatically where the prices tend to be dearer than those being charged for new customers.

Alternatively, your firm may have been signed up to a bespoke deal that doesn’t really meet your circumstances and you may have been paying more than is necessary.

It is possible to access an energy consultancy service from a new supplier and the consultant can check your recent gas bills to see whether you’ve been paying too much and then help recover the money.

Sourcing a new business gas supplier

There is also help available when it comes to sourcing a new business gas supplier and to enjoy the best business gas tariff available.

By shopping around, you can reduce your firm’s gas bill substantially since the tariffs being charged will be based on how much energy your firm uses, the size of your business and its location.

It’s also important to appreciate that there are two types of contract available; the first is a fixed tariff so you agree the gas price per unit for the entire length of the contract.

Or you could sign up to a variable gas tariff so the price per unit of gas that you pay could rise or fall. It may be a good idea to speak with someone who understands the difference between the two contracts and find one that best meets your needs.

Pros and cons of various business gas tariffs

The team at D-Energi are business gas experts and will talk through the pros and cons of various business gas tariffs and help you understand why the size of your business is important when negotiating a deal.

That’s because a larger firm will be needing a specific tariff, for example, a restaurant will need gas for powering large kitchen equipment, whereas a newsagent may only need gas for hot water and heating their premises.

Also, the location of your business has a big effect on tariffs that you can access since not every supplier will offer the same deal around the UK.

For those firms with several premises, you could switch to a single supplier and have one gas bill to pay.

For more help and information about finding out whether your current business gas rates are correct and to look at the prospect of what other deals are available in the marketplace for your business needs, then it’s time to contact the experts at D-Energi.