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6 Dec

Saving Money On Your Business Electricity in Winter


Spending on all types of business energy, including business electricity, tends to increase in the winter months – but the team at D-ENERGi can help you to make savings.

Cover the basics

    • Clearly label your light switches, and encourage your staff to turn off lights when they are not needed
    • Position your thermostats away from places where heat tends to fluctuate, such as near machinery or in drafts
    • Take regular floor walks around your business to ensure no computers have been left on that are not in use.
    • Avoid estimated bills by ensuring your meter readings are submitted on time
    • Ask your business electricity supplier if you can set up a direct debit to help spread the cost of your bills – you may be eligible for a discount too


Stay Informed

    • Look back at your company’s past electricity bills so that you have more of an idea of how your energy use changes over the year
    • Look into the possibility of getting a business smart meter to help you save time and manage your energy costs more effectively – and also get more accurate bills


Get your employees involved

  • Communicate with your employees to raise their awareness of energy usage at work, and encourage them to share energy-saving tips
  • Motivate them to change their behaviour by displaying energy-saving posters or stickers around the workplace. These tend to be most effective when placed at sites of frequent energy “misuse” such as computers, kettles, and light switches
  • Empower your staff by encouraging them to set up an employee Green Team or have an energy efficiency champion if you are a smaller business
  • Set targets for company energy use reduction at the start of winter, and offer employees rewards if they help you to hit these targets
  • Motivate your employees throughout the business to change their behaviour by creating a fun competition – “who can save the most energy this week?”


Think about investing a little for longer-term savings

  • Install timer switches on electrical items, as well as presence sensor detectors
  • Fit energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Think about installing task lighting instead of overhead lighting
  • Update older business equipment with newer more efficient versions

Get in touch with the team at D-ENERGi now for more tips on how to save money and get cheaper business electricity rates this winter.

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