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2 Sep

Reduce costs by switching business energy supplier


For anybody running a small business, or any size of business for that matter, they can reduce costs by switching their business energy supplier.

There’s no doubt that by putting in a small amount of effort and calling around a few suppliers, that the tariffs available vary greatly and it is possible to get a great energy deal easily.

Indeed, depending on the business size, the potential savings by switching energy suppliers for a business could be substantial. According to some industry experts, a business could save several thousand pounds from its energy bill by simply switching suppliers.

Considering that a small business may spend around £5,000 on its electricity bill and £4,000 on gas, there could be a large amount of money to be saved.

And for a business all money saved is a boost to profitability in the success of the business.

Enjoy lower business energy prices

So while switching business energy suppliers is relatively straightforward and easy, it is still not a very popular tactic for a firm to undertake in a bid to cut its costs by enjoying lower business energy prices.

This has been underlined by an investigation last year by the Competition and Markets Authority which revealed that around 40% of businesses in the UK had not switched their energy supplier in five years.

Another surprising statistic is that 30% of businesses had never switched suppliers so they are probably overpaying hugely on their energy bills.

Indeed, in one news story a firm in London was featured with an annual electric bill of £3,000 with the energy supplier increasing that to £3,500 every year.

However, with a quick search of online comparison websites this price was reduced to £2,800 and then after contacting a few business energy suppliers by phone they managed to haggle this down to £2,600 every year.

Paying for their business energy needs

So with a few minutes of effort a small business had saved £900 on what they would have been paying for their business energy needs.

For anybody who is thinking of switching business energy suppliers, it’s always worthwhile having a breakdown of rates and standing charges to compare a quote on a like-for-like basis.

There are some simple steps to take to ensure a business gets the best possible deal and that is to establish a benchmark price first. This can be done by using an online comparison website for business energy costs.

With this figure in mind, it’s worthwhile calling around suppliers and brokers to see who will offer the best price. Not everyone will do but it’s still worth making the effort.

This is where an established popular business such as D-energi comes into its own with its friendly and helpful team willing to answer questions and providing the very best deal when it comes to firm wanting to switch their business energy supplier.

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