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28 Mar

How Can You Save On Business Electricity?


Gas and electricity bills are amongst some of the highest costs that businesses face. If you are running a business, you may be wondering how to save on business electricity – for both environmental and financial reasons.

Here are D-ENERGi’s top tips on how you can save money on business electricity:

#Switch tariff at the end of your contract

When your existing business electricity contract comes to an end, you will automatically be rolled over to a more expensive “out of contract” rate – which is why complacency can cost your dearly.

Therefore, the best tactic is to compare business electricity per kWh tariffs between one and six months before your current contract is due to end.

This is where D-ENERGi can help. Our expert team can easily compare electricity tariffs from a range of suppliers, to find the best tariff for you.

#Check the age and efficiency of your business equipment

Take a closer look at the business equipment you have, from kitchen appliances and IT equipment to items such as vending machines. Find out how old it is, and what its energy efficiency rating is.

You don’t have to replace all of your business equipment as long as you take steps to improve its efficiency, such as:

  • Cleaning it regularly – especially fridges
  • Putting a maintenance timetable in place


#Make sure equipment is shut down when it is not in use

Ensure you get all of your people involved in making sure all of your office equipment is turned off overnight, and over the weekend if it is not in use. Many people forget and leave items such as computers, printers, and photocopiers on standby instead of shutting them down completely.

Each piece of equipment left on standby may only be costing you pennies, but when you look at how many pieces of equipment you have like this in your business it can soon add up.

#Get a half hourly meter

One thing you might want to look at as a commercial entity is whether you qualify for a half hourly meter or not. A half-hourly meter can help you to get smarter with your business electricity as it will show you exactly when you use the most energy. Your bills will also be based on the exact amount of electricity you use, which will be an added encouragement for you to get energy smarter.

D-ENERGi is one of the longest established and well-respected UK independent energy solutions providers. So, if you are looking to compare business energy per kWh, you should get in touch with the expert team.

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