Microbusiness Guide

Microbusiness Guide

Our regulator, Ofgem, introduced enforceable standards of conduct rules to treat ‘Microbusiness customers’ fairly. Please ensure you have completed your ‘Microbusiness Status’ correctly on your Order Form / Agreement.

Here we explain what is a Microbusiness and how this effects our relationship as your supplier.

What is a Microbusiness customer?

Microbusinesses must meet one of the following criteria set by our energy regulator OFGEM:

  • You employ fewer than 10 employees and have an annual turnover or balance sheet no greater than €2 million;
  • or you use no more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year;
  • or you use no more than 293,000 kWh of gas per year;
  • or we deem you to be a Micro Business customer in accordance with our license.


Microbusiness benefits

As a Microbusiness customer, you can be assured your time with us will be trouble free. As a Microbusiness customer, we must abide by rules and regulations, and we cover these in below in more detail.

Your Agreement with us

Before signing your agreement with D-ENERGi you will receive the following:

  • Principal terms that apply to your Agreement which will include Statement of Renewal Terms that apply at the end of our Agreement.
  • A copy of our Terms and conditions that apply for the duration of your contract with us.

Post signature you will receive The Welcome Letter, Principal Terms and our Terms and Conditions within 10 days of accepting our offer.

The Welcome Letter will include the following details:

  • The Start Date and End Date of your Agreement
  • Principal terms that apply to your Agreement which will include Statement of Renewal Terms that apply at the end of our Agreement.
  • A copy of our Terms and conditions that apply for the duration of your contract with us


Microbusiness protection

As a Micro Business customer, we must apply standards, rules and follow guidelines set by our regulator OFGEM to help support, protect, and treat Micro Business customers fairly. This includes:

Treating our Microbusiness customers fairly

Our regulator, OFGEM, introduced enforceable Standards of Conduct rules to treat Micro Business customers fairly.

What are these Standards of Conduct?

We must behave and carry out our activities for all customers in a fair, honest, transparent, appropriate, and professional manner. We must also provide information to all Micro Business customers (whether in writing or orally) which is accurate, not misleading and displayed in plain and intelligible language.

We will make it easy for all our customers to contact us, to act promptly to put things right when we get it wrong and to ensure customer service arrangements meets our customers’ needs.

Will we make it clear in your Welcome Letter and on your invoice what charges apply to you. We do not expect to make changes to the charges you pay during the contract period. However, we reserve the right to make changes to your charges if a third party changes their charges to us or there are changes in law resulting in us incurring additional charges, then we reserve the right to pass these on to you. At the end of your Fixed Term Agreement you will be automatically put on our Standard Variable Tariff.


We will send you a monthly invoice by email.

Termination requirements to end your contract with us

Your Welcome Letter displays your current contract end date and details the last date in which termination must be received.

You must provide written notice to us to terminate your contract at any time providing it is no later than 28 days before your contract end date.

If you wish to terminate your contract, please send a notice in writing to the postal address or email address at the bottom of this page. Your termination notice will be confirmed within five working days of receipt.

Our renewal process

We will contact you 60 days before your Agreement end date with details of our renewal offer if you are a Microbusiness. We will also resend a Statement of Renewal Terms which apply at the end of your Contract with us.

If you do not enter into a new Agreement us or move to a new supplier, your Agreement with us will continue until you switch supplier and you will be charged our Standard Variable Rates if you are a Microbusiness. If we have deemed, you to be a Non-Microbusiness Customer you maybe refreshed for a further 12 months. Our Standard Variable Tariffs can be found on here

If you are thinking of leaving us

Please be aware you cannot switch supplier before your contract end date with us. You must assign a new supplier from your contract end date with D-ENERGi. To allow the switch to a new supplier to go ahead you must have had your termination notice accepted on your account, and you must pay all outstanding sums due to us under the terms of your agreement with us. If you do not do this, we reserve the right to prevent you switching to a new supplier.

Additional commitments to our Micro Business customers

We have also committed to a set of industry codes and practices to help our Micro Business customers.

  • Voluntary Standards for back billing Micro Business customers
  • Supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP) for Micro Businesses
  • Credit checking and security deposit

We may check your credit standing at any time before or during your contract and we may require a security deposit to secure your ability to pay.

Our terms and conditions with you

A copy of our Terms and Conditions for the supply of gas, electricity or both can be found on our website at www.d-energi.com/customer-zone

If you have a complaint

We aim to provide you with the very highest level of service at all times. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our service, please visit our website to view a copy of our complaint’s procedure by clicking here

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