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15 Jan

The Best Way to Find Cheap Business Gas Rates

by Simon Thompson

Perhaps the best way to find cheap business gas rates is to compare suppliers effectively.

Here, we explain how you can do this, though the easiest and best way is to speak with the experts at D-Energi first to see how cheap a gas deal they can arrange for your business.

However, it’s also important to appreciate that a micro-business will be able to access cheaper deals than other businesses, though they will need to employ fewer than 10 employees to meet the criteria.

In addition, should you be rolled onto a more expensive contract because you didn’t act in time, these are known as deemed rates, then it’s possible you may be able to leave this contract without paying a penalty as a micro-business.

Search for a new business gas supplier

When you begin the search for a new business gas supplier, you should understand that the gas prices being offered consist of two costs. They are:

  • The unit price: this is the amount that your firm pays for the actual gas consumed. It will be expressed as pence per kilowatt hour and it’s a variable amount being charged. This means that the more gas you use, the more expensive your bill will be.
  • Standing charge: The standing charge is a fixed amount and it’s usually expressed as a price per day, and this remains unchanged regardless of how much gas your firm is using.

However, we mention these charges because it’s important to understand the difference when you come to compare business gas suppliers because the standing charge may be much higher without you realising that this will then affect the amount you can save.

Deemed business gas rates

We’ve also mentioned out of contract or ‘deemed’ business gas rates and we should explain more about these.

You run the risk of being moved automatically to a more expensive contract if you do nothing when your supplier tells you of your renewal terms.

This is the incentive that many businesses will need to find out whether there are cheap deals available for their business gas supply on the market.

Deemed rates tend to be much more expensive though if yours is a micro-business, you should be able to move from these automatic out of contract prices more easily than small and medium-sized firms will without having to pay a penalty.

If you need to know more about the best way to find cheap business gas rates for your firm, then you need to speak with the team at D-Energi today.