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13 Dec

How to Review Your Business Energy Quote

by Simon Thompson

You may have spent time contacting various energy providers or have used an energy comparison site, and now it’s time to review your business energy quote.

But there might still be a niggle that there could be a better deal available – perhaps one with incentives that you are unaware of.

There’s no doubt that most busy business owners will not enjoy having to source and then compare energy quotes for meeting their needs, but there are easy ways to deal with this process and enjoy the best energy deal.

This process of reviewing is important – whether your energy costs are a big overhead or not – because knowing how to compare energy prices effectively means you will deliver the savings you are expecting.

Sourcing a business electricity quote using a comparison site

Basically, when it comes to sourcing a business electricity quote using a comparison site, which is a popular route for many firms, there are some downsides to this.

Firstly, you may not be aware of how many potential electricity providers are being approached to quote, so it’s always worth checking beforehand.

This means it’s unlikely that the electricity comparison site is checking the entire marketplace and instead will have a restricted number of providers who will quote for your business.

This also makes it difficult finding those suppliers offering incentives such as a dedicated account manager to help you run your electricity account or even an energy consultancy.

Having an energy consultant look at how your firm uses electricity and gas is a great idea for two reasons:

  • You will get to reduce consumption levels and enjoy bigger savings
  • By reducing consumption, you will boost your environmental credentials.


Firms wanting a cheaper business gas quote

The same tactics also apply to those firms wanting a cheaper business gas quote and you may be intimidated by the time it takes to contact potential suppliers directly.

It’s likely there are better deals available elsewhere and if you use a business gas comparison site, there are still the same issues with the number of providers being asked to quote.

Instead, you should spend a few minutes speaking with the D-Energi team and have them search the entire business gas and electricity supply market on your behalf to find a deal that meets your needs and reduces costs.

They can also find suppliers offering the other incentives and perks to attract you as a customer.

For more help and information about how you can review your business energy quote to ensure it’s the cheapest possible, then you need to speak with the D-Energi team as soon as possible.