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22 Nov

How to Compare Business Gas Prices TODAY


If you are a busy business owner and need to compare business gas prices, then you need to do this when your current provider gets in touch.

That’s because their new gas deal will have the information you need to see whether there are cheaper and better suppliers available for meeting your firm’s gas needs.

The easiest way to compare business gas prices today is to speak with the friendly team of experts at D-Energi who can search the entire market for you to find the deal that’s right for your current and future needs.

However, one of the issues when you compare small business gas suppliers is that prices fluctuate on a regular basis, this is down to wholesale gas price movements, so the sooner you act in finding a new provider means you can be reassured of enjoying lower rates than if you leave it until the very last minute.

Searching for the cheapest business gas prices

It’s also worth appreciating that while you will naturally be searching for the cheapest business gas prices for meeting your needs, it’s not just about money.

To explain this, you may be looking for other incentives to sign with a new provider, for example, you may like the idea of having a dedicated account manager.

Other suppliers may offer a discount for paying by direct debit and other incentives may include an energy consultation, so you will have expert help to reduce your gas consumption levels to deliver greater savings.

There’s a lot to consider in addition to searching for business gas prices per kWh, because these discounts and incentives will help deliver a lower bill.

Business gas supply market in the UK

And since the business gas supply market in the UK is a competitive one, these deals and offers change on a regular basis.

Essentially, you need to appreciate the difference between a fixed and variable rate, that’s whether you want to pay the same price over the term of the contract or not with a rate that varies.

For a cheaper business gas deal, you should look for a lower unit charge, that’s for the actual gas your business consumes, as well as a lower standing charge.

The standing charge for your firm is a fixed amount that you pay the National Grid, but you may find a firm offering a lower unit rate and a higher standing charge so you end up paying more than you currently do.
Instead, if you want to compare business gas prices effectively today, with minimal effort, then the experts at D-Energi can search the entire business gas supply market for you to find a deal that your firm will benefit from.

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