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30 Aug

Choosing business energy suppliers – what a business needs to know

by Simon Thompson

Finding the best business energy suppliers is a relatively straightforward process and many firms and organisations probably don’t realise just how wide ranging their options are.

While many businesses will have heard of the ‘Big 6’, such as British Gas and npower, it doesn’t always mean that they offer the best rates or even the best service for their customers.

There are many smaller business energy suppliers who provide competitive prices and services as well.

Indeed, just like domestic customers can do, businesses are free to choose the best energy supplier for its needs.

However, with so many variables and options involved in finding the best energy supplier, a business could be forgiven for opting to use an intermediary to research the market and then conduct negotiations on their behalf.

Price comparison websites for business gas suppliers

There are even a number of energy price comparison websites for business gas suppliers that deliver a range of energy deals that will suit businesses of all sizes and shapes.

So why should a business put up with high energy prices when the process of switching business energy suppliers is straightforward and with one or two telephone calls the savings could be substantial.

Since this is an increasingly competitive market, businesses looking for a new energy supplier should take on board not just price, but also the service, friendly staff and ask how long the supplier has been in business.

There are lots of smaller business energy suppliers and there are firms coming and going and others being taken over but the Big 6 still dominate the market which means they effectively get to dictate prices and contracts.

Use independent business electricity suppliers

However, by opting to use independent business electricity suppliers, firms will find an energy deal tailor-made for their needs.

When beginning the process to compare business energy suppliers, a firm should look at how much energy they are using by monitoring their meters for usage though the potential supplier can also help put these figures together.

They will also need their recent energy bills for the business to hand and they will need to give a new business energy supplier their postcode. They also need to decide when the new contract will start.

We explained previously on a D-energi blog that there are some types of contract where the business must wait until the contract ends before switching suppliers but that doesn’t prevent them from checking out the potential savings they can make with a new energy supplier for business.

For anybody who would like to know more information and of the potential savings that can be made by switching business energy suppliers, then contact the helpful and friendly team at D-energi.