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17 Jan

Business Energy Comparison: What to Remember When Completing One


It is a good idea for all businesses to keep an eye on their business energy suppliers and the rates they are charging to make sure you are getting access to the best deal possible. Completing a business energy comparison is therefore a time investment that will definitely pay you back – as many businesses the D-ENERGi team works with have reported considerable savings when they switch suppliers.

When you are looking at a business electricity or business gas comparison, however, it is prudent to keep a few things in mind:

#Always read the small print

It is essential you take the time to read every aspect of your commercial energy contract before you sign it as some contracts contain a specific window in which you are allowed to cancel or switch the contract without penalty.

You probably won’t ever be refused the opportunity to be let out of your contract if you do choose to switch business energy suppliers outside of this window – but you will potentially be liable for quite large costs, so you should think about your timing carefully.

#Be sure of your expectations

A lot of businesses state that their number one reason for switching business energy suppliers is to save money, which they do, to begin with only to find that their bills go up over time despite their energy usage not increasing.

Don’t ever take it as certain that you are guaranteed to save money throughout the length of your new business energy contract. Look at your energy usage and what you are paying for it at the start of your contract, and monitor it throughout the length of your contract so that you can be sure you are really saving the money you thought you would.

#Be patient

Don’t just plump for the first deal you are offered – take some time to consider it carefully. Remember, you are the one who is in control, so you should only move business energy suppliers when you are ready.

Get in contact with the D-ENERGi team, tell us your current circumstances and what you are looking for, and then leave the rest to us. We will contact the suppliers on your behalf and come back to you with some options – leaving you to decide which energy contract is the right one for you and your business.

If you want to complete a thorough business gas and business electricity comparison, then get in touch with the D-ENERGI team. We just need a couple of minutes of your time, and we can potentially save you money on your business energy bills.

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