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24 Sep

Are All Business Gas Supplier the Same?


It may appear to be a pointless question, ‘Are all business gas suppliers the same?’ because the answer is an obvious ‘No’.

That’s because if they were the same, then all businesses would be dealing with one provider with little scope to reducing their gas bill as a result.

Fortunately, the business gas supply market has been deregulated and there are more firms to choose from, which means that the competition to attract you as a customer is keen and there are big savings, potentially, to be made.

The best time to start your search for a new business gas supplier will be when your current provider gets in touch with details of your next year’s contract.

Switch business electricity suppliers

The search for a new gas provider also means you could switch business electricity suppliers when your current provider gets in touch, too.

Just about every firm or organisation will be using electricity, so there’s more scope to make big savings and to choose a supplier, for example, who may offer green electricity that comes from renewable sources as this is an increasingly popular option for firms.

Considering that there are potentially big savings to be made in both gas and electricity when a business switches to a new provider, it should be a surprise that a government survey highlights that 40% of firms have never bothered switching and so are likely to be paying more than they should be doing for their energy needs.

It should not have to be this way since spending a few minutes speaking with the friendly D-Energi team will highlight whether there are better, cheaper deals available and how much you will be able to save.

Find new business energy suppliers

While there are comparison websites to find new business energy suppliers, these should be used with a note of caution.

While these sites offer a quick and easy way of finding what the market rate might be for your firm to become a customer with a new supplier, the site itself may not be searching the whole of the marketplace, so you may miss out on cheaper, better deals.

Also, for those firms who prefer to approach potential suppliers directly, you should be wary of simply contacting any of the ‘Big Six’ energy providers because their offerings may be fairly similar, and they may not be offering huge savings which could put you off from switching.

By using an organisation that has the expertise and access to the entire marketplace, you could save a substantial amount from your overheads from just one phone call.

If you would like to know more about switching business gas suppliers, and also electricity providers, then it’s time to speak with the team of experts at D-Energi.

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