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26 Jun

Your Cheap Business Energy Deals Explained


An important aspect of running any business is to keep costs down, which means accessing cheap business energy deals as a crucial part of ensuring profitability.

Keeping a tight control on costs is important for all firms but particularly for small and medium-sized businesses who may have tighter margins.

However, energy costs are one overhead that is unavoidable and may account for a large proportion of the firm’s overall outgoings, so ensuring that you have the right energy contract will help control these costs.

One issue when it comes to cheap business energy deals is that the tariffs and bespoke offerings will vary, so you’ll need to understand the terminology and how the new deal will impact your business.

Search the market for a cheap business electricity provider

If you’ve ever searched the market for a cheap business electricity provider, then you may have been surprised at the sheer range of suppliers and deals available.

You will also need to appreciate whether you need a fixed term contract or a variable one which will impact on the prices being quoted.

Also, the length of the contract will have an influence as will the geographic location of your premises and how many people you employ.

Indeed, you may be taken aback to find a supplier asking whether you have plans for expansion over the course of the contract, which may also affect the deal being offered.

Market for cheap business gas suppliers

As with electricity, you’ll find the market for cheap business gas suppliers is a competitive one too.

And while most firms spend less on their gas bill, it’s still worth spending the time finding a new provider with cheaper rates.

In addition, you will also need to understand that the unit rate being quoted is for the actual electricity or gas consumed while the standing charge is the amount you pay the National Grid for delivering energy.

Also, when negotiating with the potential provider you will need to be wary about what may appear to be a verbal acceptance of a proposed deal since this will be binding.

Essentially, unlike organising energy provision for our homes, there is no ‘cooling off’ period for a business.

If you would like more help and advice about cheap business energy deals and how to access a provider with a cheaper tariff, then you need to speak with the experts at D-Energi.

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