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3 May

Why It Is Important To Submit Meter Readings


As an energy customer you will find you will be asked for meter readings at several different points. Firstly, when you join a new energy supplier or move into a new premises, your energy supplier will ask for initial meter readings which will provide them with a starting point of which to estimate your bills. Over the course of a contract your energy supplier will ask again for several meter readings to ensure your bills are still accurate and up to date according to your usage. Over the past year, you may have heard more and more industry experts suggesting to submit meter readings on a regular basis. This has been suggested as a good way to keep your bills as accurate as possible and to ensure you are not paying for me than you use. 

In this blog we will explain how meter readings work and the importance of them, specifically for business energy customers. 


What do meter readings mean? 

Meter readings are simply a way for your electricity and gas supplier to establish your energy usage. Meter readings are therefore an important element that makes up your energy bills, alongside current energy rates. 

The figures supplied by your meters will change as you access electricity or gas within your building. So, when you use your lights, turn on your computers, switch on the heating or use appliances, your meter will advance as electricity or gas flows through. Electricity meters will show your usage in kilowatt-hours and will use a form of numerical display to show your current usage amount. 

Each dial has ten numbers (0 – 9) and a pointer like a clock hand. The pointers advance when electricity flows through the meter, so the dials indicate the total number of kilowatt-hours (KWH) you have used. To determine your correct meter reading, simply read the dials in order from right to left.


How meter readings will affect your energy bills 

Since your meter can determine when energy is being used, your meter readings will indicate how much has been used over a period of time. As you submit meter readings to your energy supplier, your bills will be adjusted accordingly. The more regular readings you take and supply your supplier, the easier it will be for them to charge you the most accurate amount for your business energy usage.


How to submit a meter reading for your business 

At D-ENERGi we make it easy for you to submit your business meter readings online. Our meter reading form can be accessed via our website and allows you to input the details of your latest reading without delay. All we need is a few details including your business energy account number, the date of your reading, and account holder’s name.


Business smart meters 

To make taking your meter readings as simple as possible, business energy customers and domestic energy customers are switching to smart meters. As part of the smart meter roll out suppliers are now encouraging energy customers to make the switch from a traditional energy meter to a smart meter. 

Smart meters are capable of supplying meter readings automatically to suppliers, so you don’t have to. Plus, with the option for a Consumer Access Device, you will be able to see your energy consumption in real time. Displaying just how much energy various devices and appliances around your business use when in operation. 

For more about the business smart meter roll out, click here or get in touch with our friendly team.

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