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7 Mar

When Is A Good Time To Switch Your Business Energy Supplier?


Switching your business energy supplier doesn’t have to be complicated but timing can make a big difference. 

In this latest blog we will discuss when the best time to switch energy suppliers is and explain why some moments are better than others.


The best time to switch supplier 

The ideal time to switch to a new energy supplier is when your current contract is coming to an end. This is the easiest time to switch as you are not locked into a contract with any supplier. Your current supplier should have contacted you to let you know that your current contract is coming to an end, requesting that you let them know your decision, either to stick or to switch. Switching to a new supplier is often recommended to ensure you continue to pay the best and cheapest prices for your business energy.

Choosing to remain with your current supplier by simply rolling over your contract may also mean that you are automatically placed onto a rollover contract with higher rates.

Whether you opt to stick or switch you should always discuss your options, guaranteeing you are getting the best price.


Is it possible to switch supplier mid-contract?

It is possible to end your contract early, however most energy providers will have an early exit fee. Your bill or online account will inform you of how much this exit fee will be. Typically you will only avoid paying an exit fee if your contract is set to end in less than 7 weeks. To determine whether this is truly a good idea, it is best to work out if you would still save money by switching even if you have to pay an exit fee and do your research into your new supplier before switching. 

You should also make sure that your new supplier can provide you with the services you require. For example, you may currently have a business smart meter. If you want to continue using this you should check if the new supplier can offer the same.


Reasons to switch energy supplier

There are many reasons why you may wish to switch business energy suppliers. Some of the most obvious include wanting a better price or customer service. Or you may have simply come to the end of your fixed contract. However some businesses may be making the switch for more complex reasons. 

For example, some businesses have decided to switch to renewable energy suppliers in a bid to cut their carbon footprint. As the mentality towards the environment and renewable energy shifts, it is expected that more and more businesses will follow suit in the next few years. Demanding that energy suppliers meet these new requirements of their customers.


Switching to D-ENERGi for business energy 

If you are considering switching to a new business energy supplier, consider D-ENERGi as your first choice. 

The team here is dedicated to supporting all our customers, old and new, in sourcing the very best business energy deals. Not only that but all electricity we supply is sourced from wind farms across the UK, making us a great choice for companies looking to enhance their approach to sustainability. 

To find out more about what we offer, contact our team or take a closer look at our products.

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