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10 Aug

What is Maximum Import Capacity?


In business, maximum import capacity refers to the highest level of energy that a business can bring in from an outside source. This information can be used by businesses to manage their energy prices and understand how much they need to bring in to cover their needs. By understanding their maximum import capacity, businesses can avoid overspending on energy. 

Managing your business energy 

Managing business energy can be a challenge, but understanding maximum import capacity can help. business owners and operators need to make sure they are not spending too much on energy, and that they are only bringing in enough to cover their needs. This can be a difficult balancing act, but by understanding maximum import capacity it can be easier to find the right balance.

What is Maximum Import Capacity (MIC)?

MIC is simply the maximum amount on the total electrical demand you can place on the network system. This should therefore be high enough to meet your demands. If it is not high enough you may be paying additional charges on your energy bill to cover the excess demand. 

MIC is most often shown in kilo-volt amps. You can find out what your MIC is by contacting your energy supplier. You are also able to adjust this amount, which is particularly useful if you are exceeding your capacity. 

Why is Maximum Import Capacity important?

When you apply for your electricity connection, this is most important for new business premises, it is important to choose the correct capacity for your premises for a number of reasons. 

The capacity you choose is the capacity of which the energy network will commit to delivering to your premises. This will then place an upper limit on the total electric load you can use as a company. 

If your MIC is too high or too low for your needs it will cost you money. You may notice on your energy bill the incurrence of an ‘Excess Capacity charge if your MIC is too low, whereas for those whose MIC is too high you may be paying for more than your company requires. 

Business owners and operators should keep in mind that maximum import capacity may change over time. As business needs change, so too will the maximum import capacity. It is important to stay up-to-date on this information to ensure that your business is not overspending on energy or putting itself at risk of not being able to meet its needs.


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