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12 Jul

What Is Energy Drift And How Is It Impacting Your Business?


Energy drift explained: 

Energy drift is a phenomenon that occurs when the amount of energy consumed by a business or other organisation exceeds the amount of energy allocated for its usage. It can happen due to faulty equipment, inefficient use of resources, and incorrect pricing or billing practices. Energy drift has the potential to significantly increase operating costs and reduce profits. It can also have serious environmental ramifications, as excess  energy use contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.


How energy drift occurs

Energy drift will occur when there are energy inefficiencies within your building. This could be due to general building design flaws, including errors within the construction process or smaller inefficiencies like faulty and malfunctioning electrical equipment. 


Over time the more energy drift occurs, the greater impact this will have on the energy efficiency of your building. It has been estimated that within several years, energy drift can decrease the efficiency of your building’s systems by 10 to 30 percent. Since not all businesses have the funds or privilege to perfectly monitor and assess energy efficiency performance, it can often be difficult to manage the occurrence of energy drift. However, this does not mean there are no solutions to address energy drift and combat its effects on your business.


Solutions for energy drift 

To prevent and address energy drift, it is important to conduct regular energy audits of your energy usage to identify areas of weakness or inefficiency. This can involve analysing energy bills for discrepancies, running diagnostic tests on equipment, and performing periodic maintenance on air conditioning and heating systems. Energy audits can be carried out in several ways, either by a member of your own team or by a third party auditor. More details on energy audits can be found here

By using the energy audit you can identify the areas that are causing your building to experience energy drift and an increase in energy consumption. This could include the insulation of your building or your electrical systems requiring maintenance to improve the energy efficiency. 

There are several management techniques that will also help you to reduce energy drift in your building. This includes the use of an energy management system, better control over your HVAC, and weatherstripping.


Keep a closer eye on your energy consumption with a smart meter for business 

In order to pay closer attention to the energy you are using in real-time, the installation of a business smart meter is an effective solution. Providing a clear display of your usage and how much this will be costing you. Plus, the information the smart meter records is sent directly to your energy provider, ensuring your bills and charges are accurate. 

For more information about business smart meters, visit our page here, or get in touch with our team to arrange an installation.

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