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5 Jun

What Is A Half Hourly Meter?


Not every firm or organisation will have one, but what is a half hourly meter?

Essentially, it’s a special kind of electricity meter which offers automatic meter reading technology to deliver accurate electricity usage readings.

This means there is no need for estimated bills because the half hourly meters – or HH meters – are fully automated, so the energy being used is recorded and sent every 30 minutes to the supplier.

These meters are predominantly being used by large businesses such as offices and those who are operating in electricity-intensive industries and are using large amounts of electricity doing so.

For any business that is consuming more than 100 kW of electricity, then it’s compulsory that you have a half hourly meter installed.

Having a half hour meter installed

For those firms that consume more than 70 kW of electricity, then there’s the option of having a half hour meter installed – and there are other benefits for having one fitted.

The main reason for doing so is that a potential new electricity provider will be able to review when your business uses electricity through the day and help reduce energy use.

The potential provider will also have more detailed information to provide you with a bespoke deal that will best meet your firm’s needs.

And if you’ve recently moved into new premises and would like to know whether there is a HH meter fitted then doing so is easy.

The main way is to check the bill being sent by your supplier which will have the letter ‘S’ next to the number in the top left-hand corner.

Half hourly meters became a mandatory requirement

It also needs to be appreciated that half hourly meters became a mandatory requirement from 1 April 2017 for firms who are big users of electricity.

The move was created by Ofgem, the industry regulator, to help protect firms who use lots of energy at peak times to control their costs.

This means that there should no longer be any unexpected high bills and having a HH meter also encouraged some firms to switch their intensive periods to cheaper, off-peak period use.

These included large offices and warehouses, breweries and factories.

If your firm has a half hourly meter installed, or you have a business consuming more than 70 kW of energy, then you need to speak with the D-Energi team who are able to search the entire marketplace to find a cheaper, better deal for meeting your needs.

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