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28 Jun

The Hidden Costs of Energy Waste


What is energy waste? 

Energy waste is an accumulation of energy that has been produced but has not been used and is subsequently left for waste. While it has not been used, the creation of energy waste still produces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution which is causing greater damage to the planet.


Why should businesses be concerned about wasted energy?

Businesses in particular, play a huge role in the creation of energy waste. In fact, according to research conducted over the last few years, companies across the country have wasted enough energy to power the whole of London for seven years! Costing businesses up to £30 billion annually. A shocking 30% of wasted energy is estimated to come from commercial buildings only. For businesses, these are not only worrying figures but costly ones too. Certainly setting off alarm bells in the ears of business owners and organisations who are at the forefront of the country’s mission to achieve net zero emissions. 

In order to save on energy consumption and energy costs, energy waste must be a concerning factor in the development of a business’ approach to tackling the energy crisis.


The causes of energy waste 

There are several different types of energy waste, but the main type of waste we are discussing is that created by businesses in commercial buildings. 

This can be caused by a wide number of factors, all of which can be explained by a simple lack of understanding for preserving energy. Below are some of the key causes of business energy waste: 

  • The use of old lighting 
  • Slow and old technology 
  • Issues with heating and air conditioning
  • Poor building insulation 
  • Excessive use of technology


Reducing energy waste in the UK 

In order to reduce the amount of energy waste created within your business premises, there are several steps you can take. From creating an energy-saving culture in your workplace to investing into energy-saving solutions like LED lighting, new technology and improved insulation. 


  • Generating a positive culture towards energy-saving amongst your employees is a great step in the right direction. Encouraging positive energy-saving behaviours such as turning off lights and technology when not in use, to setting a regulated temperature on the office thermostat. All these small changes will help to not only reduce energy consumption, but energy waste and business energy bills too. 
  • Once you have established an energy-saving culture, you can turn your attention towards investment. With a budget available, you should consider improving your energy usage by investing in areas like lighting and insulation. Both of which will help to cut your energy consumption and minimise the amount of waste you generate as a business. 

To keep a closer track of your energy usage and to ensure you are not overspending, or wasting energy, you may wish to consider a smart meter for businesses. At D-ENERGi we can arrange for you to have your smart meter installed, with the latest generation of SMETS2 or AMR meters now available. Find out more about the smart meter roll out here.

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