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17 Jun

The Benefits Of Zero-Carbon Electricity For Your Business


Over the last few years, the UK became one of the first countries in the world to set targets and pass laws in order to minimise and finally end the contribution this country has to global warming. 

Across the UK, this has resulted in companies of all sizes considering taking key steps in order to reduce the environmental impact they are having. This has involved a number of companies making the switch to business electricity suppliers that are able to supply them with zero-carbon electricity. Here at D-ENGERGi, we are proud to offer 100% renewable energy to our business customers. For those who are considering making the switch, here are some of the key benefits of zero-carbon electricity for businesses to help you make your decision. 

Reduce your business’ carbon footprint

The initial and most important benefit of switching to zero-carbon electricity supplier sources is that you will reduce your company’s carbon footprint. With goals in place across the UK to achieve carbon neutrality over the next 15-25 years, there are plenty of steps businesses can take to ensure they are on the right track. This is one simple way in which you can begin placing importance on sustainability. 

Build your customer base 

For consumers, it has become more important than ever to buy from companies that are attempting to be eco-friendly and sustainable. Recent studies have shown that consumer attitudes towards sustainability is now having a direct impact on their buying decisions. With around 32% of consumers expressing a great concern around the environmental impact of their purchases and are therefore highly engaged in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. This has resulted in around 28% of consumers having stopped buying certain products due to their ethical and environmental concerns. 

Therefore, taking one step to reduce your company’s carbon emissions, by switching to renewable, carbon neutral electricity could help to build your customer base. For those companies who choose not to place a core focus on sustainability, you could risk losing your loyal customer base to competitors. 

Your Company CSR 

Corporate social responsibility is an important practice for businesses. Types of CSR include ethical, environmental, and economic. When choosing a business electricity supplier, considering your CSR policies should help you make your decision and will benefit your brand’s reputation. 

For example, when researching companies, there are some vital pieces of information you should know in order to understand whether sourcing your energy from this company aligns with your company’s views on particular topics. 

Understanding where the energy is coming from. For those who are currently working to move away from fossil fuels, finding companies that source their electricity from renewable energy sources would be the best step. You can find this information within an electricity supplier’s fuel mix disclosure. 

Plus, many companies now wish to step away from sourcing any energy from Russian suppliers. With the current Ukraine conflict, it has become a part of many businesses’ focus to avoid any goods and services provided by Russian companies. Showing their dedication to supporting the country of Ukraine during this time. Taking the time to understand where your business electricity is coming from could play a part in developing your CSR strategy, and therefore improving your brand as a whole. 

Speak with our team of experts today to discuss switching your eelctricity supplier. AT D-ENERGi, all our electricity is supplied from UK based wind farms. Offering a zero-carbon, 100% renewable energy alternative. 

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