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20 Sep

Renewable Energy for Business Use


The energy industry has started to make efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in recent years, and although traditional energy resources are still relied on, an increasing number of business electricity and business gas suppliers UK are offering renewable energy for business.

You may not realise this, but renewable energy sources such as biomass, solar, wind, and water may already be being used to contribute to your business energy supply, and you may already be using a green business energy biofuel – which makes it the perfect time to compare business electricity prices.

Green vs Renewable Energy

The more you understand about alternative energies for business use, the better equipped you will be to ensure we find you the right supplier. Although they sound quite similar, there is actually a big difference between green and renewable energy.

Renewable business energy is the term used to cover energy that is sourced from renewable energy sources such as geothermal heat, rain, sun, tidal, and wind. The most common form of renewable energy is wind power at the moment, although continued investment is being made in all forms of renewable energy.

Green energy tends to have a similar meaning, as most renewable forms of energy are also green – but green energy means energy that is produced in a clean and harmless way. For example, geothermal heat is a renewable energy source but not a green one as the way it is produced can have a negative impact on the environment.

What are the advantages of renewable energy for businesses?

There are lots of advantages for businesses of using renewable energy, but the main one tends to be an improvement of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As all of us are becoming more aware of the effects of climate change, then more businesses are beginning to consider the benefits of switching to a renewable energy supplier. By making use of secure natural resources, it is possible for businesses to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy.

Businesses can also access financial benefits through the improvement of energy efficiency, which can result in reduced energy bills – as many of the renewable energy companies in the UK will offer customers free smart meters. These can help you to monitor your gas and electricity usage, which can help you to make sensible adjustments to usage meaning lower bills in the future.

As one of the leading business energy comparison websites in the UK, the D-ENERGi team can help you to source the best quotes for your business gas and electricity – including both green and renewable energy too. Call us now to find out more.

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