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14 Mar

Is Business Gas More Expensive than Domestic Gas?


Most business owners are familiar with how domestic gas contracts work, as they will have been domestic gas customers for years. But, when it comes to business gas contracts they may not be aware of the key differences.

In this guide, we will look at the differences between business gas and domestic gas, and how to make sure you are getting the cheapest business gas prices.

Is business energy more expensive than domestic energy?

A lot of business owners may be wondering if business energy is more expensive than domestic energy. This may seem like a simple question, but the answer is actually quite complex as there are a number of different factors that need to be taken into account.

Although the actual electricity and gas supplied to both business and domestic customers comes from the same suppliers and is delivered through the same pipes and cables, energy suppliers will offer different contracts to business customers than they do to domestic customers.

Domestic and non-domestic energy contracts operate in very different ways. Although domestic energy prices tend to grab more headlines, especially at the moment, it is important that business owners understand business energy contracts and supply so that they can ensure they are getting the best deal for their business.

Average business energy rates vs domestic energy rates

Electricity and gas rates can seem cheaper for business customers than domestic customers at first glance, but this is because business customers tend to use more energy over a shorter period of time. This means that commercial clients can negotiate with suppliers and choose the best contract for them based on their individual business needs. Domestic customers won’t be offered rates that are tailored to their personal needs, as they will just be charged the same rate as the rest of their region.

What are the pricing criteria for business gas customers?

Domestic customers are charged a set price for their gas based on their geographical location and payment method, whereas the pricing criteria for business gas customers take into account:

  • Business type
  • Contract length
  • Credit score
  • Demand profile
  • Geographical location
  • Payment type


Finding the cheapest business gas prices can be a time-consuming task, and can get confusing at times. If you are wondering how to compare business gas prices then D-ENERGI is here to help. Our team of business energy experts will guide you through the business gas price comparison process and help you secure the best deal for you.

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