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21 Mar

Is A Half Hourly Meter More Expensive?


Half hourly metering (or HH metering) is a type of electricity meter that measures how much electricity is being used every half an hour. It then sends an automatic reading to your business electricity supplier via a phone connection. It is a bit like a domestic smart meter, it just uses older technology.

With half hourly metering, your meter is automatically read, and so there is no need for you to remember to send your meter reading to your supplier – enabling more accurate electricity bills to be delivered to you.

Half hourly meters also allow businesses to see exactly how much electricity they are using at different times of the day, helping them to become more energy-efficient and utilise them half hourly electricity tariffs to their best advantage.

Half hourly meters also allow suppliers to correctly price the energy they are supplying as they will know how much energy is being used. This is the opposite of non half hourly meters which use generic load profiles to guess what demand will be.

What kind of businesses use half hourly metering?

You may be surprised to learn that there are around 100,000 half hourly meters in the UK – usually in businesses that have high energy usage. Half hourly meters are actually mandatory for all business electricity customers who have a maximum demand of 100 kW or more in any single half-hour period – and these are known as mandatory half hourly meters.

Any business that has a maximum demand of more than 70kW can opt to have a half hourly electricity meter installed.

Is half hourly metering different from standard meter prices?

Yes, it is.

Although the major benefit of a half hourly meter is that the accuracy of your pricing will improve dramatically, the actual cost of the metering is much more expensive than a non half hourly meter.

However, this cost difference will be largely insignificant to the heavy commercial users of electricity that half hourly meters are aimed at, but it does make them unsuitable for businesses with low or medium electricity consumption.

Can I switch to a half hourly electricity tariff?

You can, but half hourly electricity contract negotiations can be complex and lengthy, due to the fluctuating wholesale market prices for energy, variable supplier hedging strategies, and the requirement for detailed demand data before you begin.

If you would like to understand more about commercial half hourly electricity and get a half hourly electricity quote then call the D-ENERGi team – they would love to hear from you.

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