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6 Sep

How To Use Less Energy At Peak Times


Throughout the day there are peaks and troughs of energy usage throughout the country. Typically between the hours of 9-5, business energy usage is at its peak. This is when a large majority of businesses, particularly office-based businesses, are working and powering their equipment and technology via the grid. However, between the hours of 4pm-7pm is where the UK sees a huge spike in energy usage, as during this time, an accumulation of households and businesses are using high energy appliances, such as kettles and ovens. 

Although it can be difficult to change when you use the most energy, it is certainly useful to be aware of the peak and off-peak times and how these can affect your business’ energy bills. 


How do peak times affect business energy bills?

During these peak times, the cost of energy often increases due to the greater strain on the energy grid. This is known as ‘time-of-use’ pricing. For businesses, operating during these peak times can significantly inflate energy bills, especially for those who run energy-intensive operations. Conversely, off-peak times denote periods when energy demand is lower, typically during late evenings, nights, or early mornings. 

Energy providers often offer lower prices during these periods to encourage usage and maintain balance in the grid. Therefore, businesses that can shift some of their operations to off-peak times may be able to leverage these lower rates and substantially reduce their energy costs.


When is off-peak for energy usage?

The hours between 11pm-8am are typically the hours when the least amount of energy is consumed in the UK. This is to be expected, since most people are sleeping during this time. This is also the cheapest time to use electricity, since the grid is at its lowest demand. Being able to shift usage to times where fewer people and businesses are consuming energy is a great way to reduce your business energy bills. 

Of course, there will be certain times and appliances that you require during busy periods, but understanding some of the useful ways you could shift your business energy usage from peak times, may save you from rising energy costs. 


Shifting your business energy usage from peak times

Some of these tips are useful for businesses looking to shift their energy usage away from peak energy times:


  • Use energy-efficient equipment: Investing in energy-efficient equipment such as LED lights, smart thermostats, and Energy Star-rated appliances can significantly reduce your business’s overall energy consumption.
  • Implement scheduling systems: If possible, set up schedules for certain tasks or operations that require heavy energy usage during off-peak times. This could involve running machinery or conducting work during the weekends or into the night, if possible.
  • If you run a busy office between the hours of 9-5 and struggle to find a solution for shifting your energy usage, one thing you can do is to control the temperature of your office in the early mornings. Set a timer on your air conditioning system to either heat or cool the office before employees start their work day.
  • Consider renewable energy options: Installing solar panels or wind turbines can provide a sustainable and cost-effective source of energy for your business, especially during peak times when traditional energy sources are more expensive.
  • Monitor and track energy usage: Keep a close eye on your business’s energy consumption patterns to identify areas where you can make adjustments to reduce usage during peak hours. This can easily be done with the installation of a business smart meter. Which we are supporting businesses with, you find out more about the smart meter roll out here
  • Implement sensors to your lighting so that lights will only turn on when required. This could save your business hundreds of pounds in wasted energy usage.


By implementing these strategies, your business can potentially save thousands of dollars each year on energy bills.

If you would like to find out more about how you can save your business money and reduce your business energy usage, check out more of our blogs for business energy customers. Alternatively, if you are a D-ENERGi business energy customer and would like to speak with a member of our team to discuss your current usage, bills, or to get a new energy quote, contact us here.

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