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24 Mar

How To Predict Fluctuations In Your Business Energy Bills


Planning for the future and predicting what may be coming isn’t an easy task but doing so can help a business financially. Preparing for an increase in costs by knowing when to set higher sales targets and push new marketing campaigns is an element of business that keeps things moving in the right direction. Without financial planning and forecasting a business can quickly find themselves in choppy waters. 

Part of any financial planning should be expenses. Part of your expenses each month are your utility bills, of which your energy bills will be some of the biggest. If you run a small business and are directly involved in the payment of your energy bills each month, this blog may help shine some light on how to plan for fluctuations in energy costs and what you can do as a business to predict said fluctuations. 


See your average spending with a business smart meter 

A smart meter is a really useful tool for not only helping you track your energy usage but also predict how much energy you use on average during various points in your working day. Plus, reviewing the data from your business smart meter will help you identify months in the year where you may be spending more on energy and allow you to make predictions about upcoming months. Of course, this won’t give you an insight into energy wholesale prices or the costs associated with your particular provider, but it helps to give a good idea of what you could be using and spending on average. 


Protect your business from volatile energy markets 

Now more than ever it has become apparent just how quickly things can change for bill payers. Rising wholesale prices have led to a global energy crisis, hitting business and domestic customers hard. However, for those locked into a fixed-rate contract the impact of this is cushioned by the protection of the consistency of monthly bills. This is because a fixed-rate contract provides a locked-in rate per kilowatt hour. 

By securing yourself into a fixed-rate contract with an energy provider, you can help to protect your business from the vulnerability of fluctuating energy markets. Which will allow you to make better predictions for your bills each month, particularly if you manage your energy consumption and use a consistent amount per hour, per day. 

At D-ENERGi we offer fixed price electricity deals for business customers so you can know how much you will be paying on your monthly bill, with no nasty surprises! With this deal you can take the worry out of predicting your spending each month, with a direct debit that makes things hassle free! Give us a call today for your free quote.

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