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1 Dec

How The Hospitality Sector Can Save Energy During The Busy Festive Period


The hospitality industry relies heavily on energy to power businesses. If you run or manage a restaurant, bar, hotel or other popular entertainment venue, you will know just how important it is to keep energy bills low while continuing to offer regular service. 

During the festive season there is greater demand for such services with Christmas parties and meals and end of year gatherings planned between families and friends. With greater demand comes an increased need for energy. During this time of economic crisis, what can hospitality businesses do to keep bills low while demand is high. 

Cut energy waste in your establishment 

Despite the need for energy, the hospitality sector is guilty of wasting large amounts of electricity, water, and gas each year. One way to reduce energy bills and manage consumption during the busy festive season is to cut this waste as much as possible. There are several ways you can do this: 

6 Ways to reduce energy waste 

  1. Introduce lighting controls to reduce wasted electricity and switch your light bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs. You may also wish to consider upgrading your lighting systems to be sensor activated, so they are only switched on when people are in the room and turn off once someone leaves. 
  2. In your industrial kitchens and behind your bars, opt to switch off electrical appliances that do not need to be switched on for an entire shift. For example, wait to turn on extractor fans and bar lights once customers have started ordering. 
  3. Cut down the usage of your heating systems. Often the heating and cooling systems are wasted on busy venues. Particularly in the winter when, although it’s cold outside, the heat from the hustle and bustle of your many customers does not require the additional support of a high setting on your thermostat. 
  4. Encourage your bar staff, kitchen teams, and members of the front of house team to adopt a positive attitude towards saving energy. 
  5. Ensure ventilation systems are cleaned regularly and serviced. You will not be getting the most out of your air conditioning systems if the ventilation is not cleaned or is not able to operate to 100% of its ability. 
  6. Set limits on hot water temperatures. When water is excessively heated, not only can this be costly, but dangerous too. Water does not need to be excessively hot for its intended purposes within hospitality. 

While the appetite to dine out over the festive season remains high amongst consumers, some of these helpful tips may just contribute to keeping your energy bills at a regular rate. 

Smart meters for hospitality businesses 

To monitor and keep track of your energy during this festive season and beyond is to consider installing a smart meter for business. 

Business smart meters allow you to receive accurate meter readings while displaying your real-time usage. For those working in the hospitality sector, looking for a way to take control of your company’s energy consumption, this is the ideal solution. Get in touch with the D-ENERGi team today for more information.

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