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19 Oct

Half Hourly Electricity Explained


If you are looking for a half hourly electricity quote, then then team at D-ENERGi can help.

Half hourly electricity meters are used by business customers only, not domestic users. They measure electricity usage every half hour, and this reading is automatically sent to your electricity supplier. This means there is no need for you to send a manual reading, similar to a smart meter.

The main benefit of half hour electricity meters is that help you managed your business electricity usage more closely, helping you bring the cost of your business electricity bills down.

Which businesses use half hourly electricity?

All business electricity companies in the UK who have a heavy usage of electricity are legally obligated to use a half hourly electricity meter with over 100kVA (kilo Volt Amperes).

How can you tell whether you have a half hourly electricity meter or not?

If the supplier number on your business electricity bill starts with a 00 then you already have a half hour electricity meter installed.

Are half hourly electricity tariffs different than normal electricity tariffs?

Half hourly electricity tariffs differ from normal electricity tariffs as they tend to be tailored to each business customer as per their individual requirements. This allows half hourly electricity customers to get lower prices as the supplier has access to accurate information about your electricity usage on a regular basis.

What is the P272 regulation?

The P272 regulation has been authorised by Ofgem and it allows energy suppliers to settle half hourly electricity meters on businesses under the profile 5-8. This means that after the 5th November 2015 all-new or renewal business electricity contracts will have had half hourly meters supplied.

What is the half hourly settlement (HHS) and why is it important?

Ofgem believes that the HHS is in the interest of the consumer, and will bring many benefits, such as:

• Boosting innovation and healthy competition within the energy market.

• Leading to a more efficient energy system due to creating the perfect environment for a demand-side response (DSR) allowing suppliers to help consumers to move the load to periods where electricity is cheapest.

• Allows energy suppliers to forecast demand more accurately.

• Making the settlement process more efficient and faster.

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