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20 Jul

Half Hour Electricity: How Does It Work?


If you have heard of the term half hour electricity, but are not sure what it is or how it could benefit your business, then read on.

What is a half hour electricity meter?

A half hour electricity meter is a metering system based on automatic meter reading (AMR) technology, which is used to give a more accurate meter reading. The meter is attached to a fixed-line which sends a meter reading to the half hour electricity suppliers every half an hour. The benefit, therefore, of half hourly electricity for businesses is that it offers you an accurate and up-to-date billing with no need for estimations or monthly meter readings to be undertaken.

You can also access your consumption data from your business electricity supplier, which will allow you to get a good handle on when during the day you are using the most electricity. This can then allow you to work on reducing your operational energy use and work more efficiently.

How does half hour electricity pricing differ from regular pricing?

The ongoing nature of half hour electricity readings means that your consumption data will be much more accurate, and this will eliminate the need for estimated billing which can vary wildly from the actual cost of electricity used. So, half hour electricity pricing is much better tailored to your business and your business usage than regular pricing.

What do the P272 mandatory HH meter changes mean?

Back in April of 2017, Ofgem revised their documentation concerning profile class meters of 05 06 07 or 08 with an advanced meter capable of recording HH consumption data. This revision, called P272, means that these businesses are no longer settled against a Non-Half-Hourly read but instead use HH data and are settled as half hourly rates.

Does my business need a half-hourly meter?

If your business uses more than 100kw electricity per hour or more, then having a half hourly meter is compulsory. Check here http://www.sandiegodowntown.com/. If you have usage of 70kw or more, then it is up to you whether you have a half hourly meter installed or not.

If you have recently moved to new premises and are not sure whether you have a half hour meter or not, just check the most recent electricity bill. In the top left-hand corner will be an ‘S’ number – and if this starts with 00 then you have a half hour electricity meter installed.

If you are unsure of anything to do with half hourly electricity, including how to compare half hour electricity prices, then please get in touch with our customer service team on 0800 781 7626.

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