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9 Jan

Guide to Find the Best Business Energy Supplier

by Pace Chan

When it comes to choosing a better and cheaper business energy supplier for their business, there are some tips they can take to find the best suitable business energy supplier.

Switching business energy suppliers and even setting up a new energy contract as soon as a business moves into new premises can have a significant effect on reducing energy bill.

The first thing that all businesses should do is to speak with their current supplier and find out what special deals they may offer to retain custom but the real reason for doing this is to use it as a benchmark to look at other deals from business energy suppliers.

However, firms should also appreciate that if they are on a specific, or ‘deemed’ rates then their energy supplier is obliged to tell them about other contracts that are available and how to get information for them.


Looking to Switch Business Energy Suppliers

Firms looking to switch business energy suppliers should also take regular meter readings as this will give a fair picture of their energy consumption over a given period of time and it will also help when speaking with potential energy suppliers so they can tailor a quote for meeting energy consumption needs.

To do this, the smart meter has a unique registration number – it’s known as the meter point administration number (MPAN) for electricity or the meter point reference number (MPRN) for gas – and these will need to be given to a new business energy supplier.

These numbers are also found on the energy bill and also on the smart meter itself.

Before making a switch to a new energy supplier, businesses should really appreciate what the current terms of their contracts are and they need to know when is the contract end date.

That’s because they may need to inform their current supplier they are planning to switch and some contracts will only allow this to be done at certain times.


Discussing Your Business Energy Needs

It is also important when discussing your business energy needs with a new energy supplier that they discuss the terms of the contract in detail. Request detailed quotes that outline all the costs involves, including unit rates, standing charges and any additional fees. So the customer is fully aware and happy with the price, terms and conditions before signing up to a new business energy contract.

Businesses also need to appreciate that a current business energy supplier could object to the firm switching to another energy supplier but this can only be done under specific circumstances and, more importantly, the circumstances will be detailed within the contract between the business and the supplier.

Among the reasons for objecting is if the business has an outstanding debt with the energy supplier or they have a fixed term contract that has yet to end so they are contract-bound not to switch energy suppliers.

However, the current business energy supplier cannot object if the business is on a deemed contract or if their contract has expired and there are no longer bound by its terms. Switch business energy supplier over to D-ENERGi is easy! If you want to know how to switch over to D-ENERGi, or get a business energy quote,  contact the experts D-ENERGi on 0800 781 7626. For more energy saving tips and advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your business premises, check out more of our D-ENERGi blogs.

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