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10 May

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Car Charging in the UK


In the past, the sales of electric cars have struggled for two main reasons: a lack of places to charge them and worries about electric car charging cost UK. Does the UK now have the electric car charging infrastructure in place to support the more widespread use of electric cars and how practical would an electric car be for you? And what about charging costs?

Where to charge your electric car

Most electric car owners charge their cars at work or at home as most cars are parked for hours outside offices or homes and so this is the perfect way to make sure your battery is fully charged ready for when you need it.

A modern 7kw car charging unit will take around four hours to fully charge a Nissan Leaf from a flat – which seems achievable in an average working day or during an overnight charge at home. If you don’t install a charging point and just charge from your normal home electricity supply, however, this will take significantly longer and will therefore end up costing you more.

With this 4 hours fully charge information in mind, this can make a 200-mile round trip in an electric car a more feasible prospect, plus it will only cost a few pence in electricity compared to pounds in diesel or petrol.

The stumbling block, therefore, comes when you need to go further than 200 miles. How can you get a top-up when you are out and about, and what about electric car charging points cost uk?

Well, there is good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that there are now around 40500 charging devices in the UK spread over about 15064 locations and these numbers are increasing by the day. The bad news is that these chargers are going to cost you money, as networks want money in return for you using their electricity. The hidden bonus from this though, is that you will no longer see cars using the charging point that doesn’t really need to – people will only use them when they absolutely need to!

The UK’s electric car charging network

If you have previously driven a petrol or diesel car then you will be used to the convenience of stopping at a petrol or service station to fill your car up. And these seem to be aplenty. However, although you will have to factor more time in to fill up your electric car, the actual process isn’t that dissimilar, as there are plenty of charging points situated on major trunk roads and convenient locations throughout the UK.

If you are interested in an electric car but are worried about electric vehicle charging point cost UK, then please get in touch with the D-ENERGi team as we can not only help you with electric vehicle charging but also make sure your energy tariff is the lowest it can be too.

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