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14 Dec

Do You Understand Your Business Electricity Prices Per kWh?


When it comes to finding a new energy provider to save money, it’s important that you understand your business electricity prices per kWh.

That’s because this figure can vary hugely tween suppliers and the first step to finding out whether you will save is to compare prices effectively.

This means having a breakdown of a supplier’s unit rates, which will be expressed per kilowatt hour (kWh), and also any standing charges they have – this is the amount they will charge every day for supplying energy to your premises.

Again, the standing charge costs can vary hugely which makes comparing the offering between suppliers more difficult and you will need to be wary about using an estimated annual cost when establishing the savings because these costs can vary.

Compare business electricity prices per kWh between providers

The first step in reducing your firm’s energy bill is to compare business electricity prices per kWh between providers is to use a comparison site as an effective way of benchmarking.

The site will use your details and search for the best deal from a number of suppliers which will have their prices quoted as unit rates, plus the standing charge.

However, there are criteria affecting the prices, including the size and location of your business and the industry you operate in. These will have a big impact on quotes.

It’s also important to appreciate that the supplier must offer a bespoke quote and you will need to speak to them for a precise figure.

You can also use the benchmarking price from a supplier to negotiate with your current provider in the hope of accessing a better and cheaper deal.

Cheaper electricity and business gas prices per kWh

One effective way of searching the entire marketplace to find cheaper electricity and business gas prices per kWh is to speak with the experts at D-Energi.

That’s because the team will search the entire marketplace on your behalf, find a cheaper deal and take care of the negotiations and switchover process.

In addition, it may also be possible to enjoy an energy consultancy to help reduce your bills even further by using less energy wherever possible.

There’s no doubt that haggling with a potential energy provider is an effective business tactic, but not every small business owner will have the time or inclination to do this.

This may also help explain why, according to a government survey, 40% of firms have never switched their energy provider and may have been moved on to a more expensive contract.

For help in accessing cheaper business electricity prices per kWh then contact the D-Energi team.

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