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20 Dec

Calendar to Help With Business Gas Savings in Winter


While the weather is relatively mild at the moment, it can get colder at any minute, so preparing for the next cold snap is always advisable. Follow our calendar timeline, to effectively manage your business gas rates over winter – and stay vigilant:


  • Report on your greenhouse gas emissions as part of your Directors report, as dictated in the Governments advice on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Remember that the clocks go back in October, so make sure you adjust your heating and lighting controls accordingly
  • Look back at your previous business gas bills to see if there are any patterns as to when your business energy use starts to rise in the winter
  • Conduct an energy-saving audit of your business, and communicate the results of this audit to your employees



  • As it starts getting dark earlier, make sure you turn off lights and other appliances when you leave your business premises
  • Ensure that your business water and other supply pipes are well insulated, to protect them when the weather gets icy



  • Check your heating settings to make sure they are not set too high. Every 1 degree of overheating can cause your business energy bills to rise by 8%
  • If your business is closing over the Christmas holidays, then make sure you notify your employees in advance and communicate your updated energy-saving policy



  • Adjust your heating settings before your employees return to work so that they are warm and comfortable when they return
  • Display a list of New Year energy-saving resolutions that you are undertaking as a business, and reward those employees who display energy-saving behaviour



  • Ensure your business is prepared to deal with prolonged freezing conditions and heavy snow – make sure you have a cold weather policy and that your employees are all aware of it
  • Make sure your working environment is well-lit and comfortable, as this will boost both your employees and your customers through the typically gloomy winter months
  • Ensure parking and customer facilities are still accessible and safe in cold weather
  • Ensure signage is visible in low light and bad weather



  • Clocks go forward in March, so you should adjust your heating and lighting controls accordingly
  • Review how your winter energy-saving measures have performed, and make tweaks to them to help improve your performance
  • Make a note of what you have learned this winter, and put a plan in place for next winter


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