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7 Jun

Business Energy Suppliers Insights into 2021


Despite the fact that we started the new year with the promise of a vaccine rollout, the UK has stayed in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic and entered into a third lockdown. So, the most important question is what has business energy suppliers got planned for us this year?

What impact has the pandemic had on business energy consumption

As you might expect, business energy consumption was lower this year than last year at the beginning of the year, but it started to rise again at the end of March when restrictions eased a little. The business sector that this can be seen in the most is the retail sector who experienced a real dip in energy consumption, especially during the first lockdown.

As businesses continue to navigate the changing landscape, it is likely we can expect more surprises when it comes to business energy consumption and so this is why it might be the best time to shop around to find the best business electricity and business gas suppliers for your business.

What is happening with renewable business energy?

2020 was the year that many businesses went green, and in fact, in April 2020 renewable business energy broke through the 40% mark for the first time. However, we are starting to see the move towards renewable energy drop off a little, which should come as no surprise due to the lower wind power generation and lower solar power take up – while the use of gas is rising.

This doesn’t mean that UK businesses are losing their appetite for green power, rather than the need for gas has risen due to the lower temperatures we have been experiencing. The National Grid uses gas-powered energy stations to bridge the gap between supply and demand at busy times, so when the weather is still and cloudy, gas can be used to plug the gap.

What will happen for the rest of the year?

As we head into the second quarter of 2021, there are no signs that energy prices will start to drop. So, if your business has been thinking about reducing your costs by using energy-efficient measures such as smart meters, now is the time to switch.

Rising energy prices and the possibility of higher targeted charging costs means now is a good time to review whether your existing business gas and business electricity suppliers – which is where D-Energi can help.

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