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11 Aug

Business Electricity Quote: How to get the best prices


Lets face it!  Shopping around and finding a competitive business’s electricity quote is not the most exciting subject in the world. However business electricity remains a constant high operational cost for many business’s and enterprises throughout the country. As a small energy supplier based in Manchester we know the industry inside and out. We have been helping business’s reduce their energy bills well over 15 years.  Here we will try to share and pass on some inside industry knowledge, to help you find the very best possible deals on business electricity.

Fact 1 Understand when your current business energy tariff ends and more importantly it’s notice period.

Before you look for a business electricity quote, you need to know your current end date for your business electricity contract. You need to know this date before you even consider shopping around. It is a legal requirement these days for your contract end date to appear on your business electricity bills.  Check your invoices for this date. Read the terms and conditions of your supplier and ensure you hand in notice pursuant to those terms.  Differing energy suppliers will have varied notice periods ranging from 120,90,60 days. If you don’t hand in notice to your supplier accordingly,  they may automatically renew your agreement.

Fact 2 Know your business energy rates in pence per kwh and standing charges.

So you know when your contract ends. Excellent. Now you need to understand its charges. Depending on your usage and the type of business you are.  You need to look for the cheapest unit rate pence per kWh, and standing charges. Which generally make up the largest amount on your business electricity bill. Know what you’re paying pence per kWh and the amount of standing charge you are paying. Standing charge is a fixed amount you pay per day or month, similar to the charges of BT line rental. Some energy suppliers will have no standing charge and have a higher rate on pence per kWh. Having no standing charge may sound appealing but make sure you do the maths. No standing charge tariffs generally have higher pence per kWh rates to compensate, making this a no go for higher users of electricity.

Fact 3 Make sure your credit is of good standing.

All business electricity suppliers will credit check these days. In order to get lowest price on your business electricity quote, your business credit has also got to be good. Knowing your business credit rating in advance can help you avoid any unexpected surprises.

Business electricity quote from D-ENERGi

We hope you will find these insider tips useful. As a small energy supplier based in Manchester for over 15 years we can offer you the cheapest business electricity quote with a warm personalised service, which is unique from our competitors. We offer a price match policy and more often than not we are always in the top 5 for best prices on business electricity quotes. Get My Free Energy Quote Today  or call for free on 0808 159 2721  if you prefer to chat. We have a loyal and growing portfolio of customers who love us, to learn more on us and our customer reviews view our Meet Our Customers page to see what makes D-ENERGi such a good alternative to the big six energy suppliers.

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