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9 Jun

Euro’s 2016 Powered By Recycled Cooking Oils


A football stadium powered by chip fat? For the UEFA Champions League 2016? Chip fat?


Us Brit’s love a good ‘Chippy tea’ on a Friday evening so an abundance of chip fragrance glazing the St. Etienne’s Stade Geoffroy-Guichard stadium seems somewhat fantastic.

Yes… you heard correctly. Local authorities have made the decision to trial biofuel made from recycled cooking oils to power the games. The Euro’s 2016 matches will be held at St. Etienne’s Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, France, starting from Friday 10th June – Sunday 10th July.

The biofuel the local authorities aspire to use is made from recycled cooking oil which has been collected by a registered, licenced waste carrier company. The biofuel scheme is the most recent in a number of environmental initiatives at the ground, it is claimed that a glamourous 50% of energy consumed in the 42 000 seat stadium, which is known in France as ‘The Cauldron’ or the ‘Green Hell’, comes from green sources.

The local authority St. Etienne Metropole (SEM) hopes to extend the biofuel scheme over and above the stadium. This could be the future for all football stadiums, something that we can’t complain about! Several nearby communes have committed to using biofuel for heating municipal buildings.

4 matches will be held at the stadium including: Iceland vs Portugal, Czech Republic vs Croatia, Slovakia vs England, as well as one of the four quarter finals matches. In 2007, solar panels were installed into the stadium resulting in the energy of which was collected has been sold to EDF Energy – rainwater is also collected and used where possible. When the matches are taking place, all materials used will be recyclable meaning the fans will be drinking from recycled plastic cups yet to be recycled again allowing any waste that is collected after the matches to be classified to be recycled.

We wish every team the best of luck and let the games commence!

For more information regarding the UEFA Champions League 2016 click here.

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