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2 Feb

Gas Price Spikes for Winter?

by denergi admin


The commodities market, like the stock market, can be highly volatile and is prone to great shifts. Electricity rates tend to have a greater level of stability due to the fact that quantities are generated as opposed to recovered such as with gas. Supplies of gas are dependent upon the successful confluence of so many contributing factors that a single fault can result in low supplies for the Britain and therefore higher prices. In the last week alone Britain has seen two spikes in gas prices; on Thursday, due to maintenance on pipelines in Norway, and on Friday, due to an unplanned outage at the St Fergus gas terminal. As a result of each incident the price of gas rose by a total of two pence per therm (a rise of 0.0682 p/kWh). Though this doesn’t sound like much, if you consider that a medium to large care home or hotel can consume between 100,000 and 400,000 kWh of gas in a year this could be an increase in cost of between £6,820 and £27,280.