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22 Dec

Why Your Firm Should Compare Energy Prices


There are lots of reasons why your firm should compare energy prices and the main one is to ensure you are not paying more than you need to for your energy needs.

It’s also a straightforward process to compare offers and deals with suppliers in various ways including visiting comparison websites or speaking with the experts at D-Energi.

Since most firms will be relying on their energy supply to operate, it’s important that you engage with how the business energy market works so you can switch suppliers if necessary.

It’s also important that you do not simply renew with your current supplier’s offer but check the market to see what competitors are offering; as mentioned previously, the switchover process is straightforward.

Along with a few bits of information, you will need to understand more about business energy prices.

New supplier will be quoting their business electricity rates per kWh

Firstly, a potential new supplier will be quoting their business electricity rates per kWh (kilowatt hour) which may appear to be daunting and confusing. It’s really not.

Indeed, your first question may be what is a kilowatt hour? It’s essentially what the supplier will call a unit of energy to help determine how much your business is using over a set period of time.

One kWh unit will be 1,000 Watts used over one hour. It’s also important not to get confused with the term kilowatts (kW) since this is a unit of power whereas kWh is the unit of energy.

Understanding business energy prices per kWh

It’s also important that understanding business energy prices per kWh will help you understand the potential quote more easily; some suppliers may charge a low unit price but have a hefty standing charge instead.

This means that what appears to be a good saving with a low kWh charge is nothing of the sort once the standing charge is added. All quotes should be compared and calculated in a similar way.

It’s also important to appreciate that while both gas and electricity suppliers will use the same terminology, electricity is much more expensive than gas and this is something to appreciate when comparing business energy suppliers.


If your firm is looking to compare energy prices to save money, then it’s time to contact the experts at D-Energi who have access to all of the latest offers from business suppliers and they can help explain any terminology and take care of the switchover process as well.

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