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8 Jul

The scramble to end Russian Reliance


Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine this February and the continuation of heavy military attacks on the country, countries across the world have reacted by pulling away from using Russian suppliers, Russian goods, and servicing the Russian population with their products and/or services. Both to make a political and ethical statement, by doing this, companies are having a direct impact on Russian markets. One of the most prominent of these is the decision to move away from the use of Russian gas across the globe, but most importantly within Europe.

Russian supplied gas

Figures have been used to show that the EU and UK are the largest trading partners with Russia for fuel products such as oil. gas, and coal. The EU receives around 40% of its gas supply from Russia, showing just how reliant European countries are on Russia for a vital import such as gas. With the invasion of Ukraine, these countries, and particularly the EU, are determined to reduce or completely cut their reliance on Russia for gas.

Closer to home, the UK, rely less so on Russia for gas, however, in 2021, Russia still made up 4% of gas used in the UK. While we do not rely so heavily on Russian imports for gas as our European counterparts, we still, as a country, have been exposed to the disruption the invasion of Ukraine has caused to the energy markets. Witnessing rising gas and oil prices, while our European neighbours seek other sources of energy.

Moving away from Russian energy supplies

Quite soon after the war broke out, both the UK and the US announced a ban on Russian oil, while the EU released their REPowerEU plan which has laid out the ambitions of the EU to make Europe independent of Russian fossil fuels by 2030. However, the first steps will focus solely on gas which makes up a large percentage of their Russian imports. In conjunction with efforts to move away from fossil fuels completely and to achieve net-zero emissions, moving away from Russian energy supplies is the right move to make at this time, for reasons that are both economical, ethical, and environmental.

Where does your business gas come from?

Considering these crucial points, have you considered where your business gas is sourced from? If you are looking to review your supply chains, across the entirety of your company, considering where your business gas is sourced from and who this is supplied by is crucial in the current market. While nations are reviewing their Russian-supplied gas and oil, to ensure your company is not impacted by current affairs within the market, looking to switch your business gas supplier could be your next best move.

Not only is this a climate change imperative but a geopolitical and financial one too. By choosing a reliable and anti-Russian gas supplier, you can prove your support for the country of Ukraine in its time of desperate need. Not only is this an issue affecting your company’s outgoings, but also your brand and your company’s reputation. Customers witnessing brands making this impactful statement are much more likely to stay loyal and continue their support for your business.

Choose D-ENERGi as your business gas supplier

Make the switch today and join us at D-ENERGi. All the gas we supply to our business customers is sourced solely from the UK and not Russia. If you and your company are looking to shift away from Russian-supplied gas, allow us to be your number one choice, as a business gas supplier with fixed business gas prices, stellar customer service, and your very own dedicated account manager. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our business gas rates.

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