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14 Mar

The End Of The EBDS Scheme : What Next?


While Jeremy Hunt did not mention the EBDS Scheme in his Spring Budget announcement, it is confirmed that the support scheme ends 31st March 2024.

For small businesses utilising the support of the Energy Bill Discount Scheme may feel slightly left in the dark now, as no alternative or additional support has been mentioned by the government. So what now?


Costs of running a small business in 2024

Although there’s certainly mixed opinions regarding the scheme and the genuine support that it did or could offer SMEs, having little to no other options leaves many small businesses wondering about the future. Despite predictions for the energy market looking better for 2024, many small businesses will still be dealing with the financial fallout of the energy crisis and of course the other issue of the cost of living crisis.

Ensuring staff are paid enough to cover their own bills, business rents increasing and difficulties in a variety of sectors, there will continue to be concern about finances and staying afloat for small business owners in 2024.


A desire for tailored support for small businesses

While there is not a single scheme or support programme set to succeed the EBDS Scheme as of yet, there’s some discussions surrounding what SMEs truly desire from the government. Research done within the industry has highlighted that small business owners wish for the government to acknowledge their want for energy support that is tailored to their unique needs, rather than schemes that many do not deem to be adequate.

Microbusinesses especially, have called for bespoke assistance from the government for those that have been most affected by rising energy prices. And many are calling for regular winter support to be introduced, making sure that each year businesses are thoroughly supported financially to survive the often challenging months of winter and the extra costs the cold weather presents businesses.


What can small businesses do now?

However, since there is yet to be any response or correspondence from the government regarding these concerns and desires, here are some examples of support you can currently access and will be able to access beyond the end of the EBDS Scheme.

The best method of support if you can not afford to pay your current energy bill is to contact your business energy supplier and negotiate a payment arrangement that works for your business and them. At D-ENERGi our team of customer service representatives are on hand to offer the best possible advice and guidance for all our business customers.

Alternatively support from Citizens Advice and Ofgem may help if you are struggling with what to do next. From understanding how to switch business energy suppliers to knowing if you are overpaying for electricity, these organisations offer some of the best advice for businesses.


Cutting your energy consumption

And while we await the government’s offers of more assistance through a new scheme or financial plan, you can also make a difference by actively reducing your energy usage to maximise your savings. From better energy management practices to improving your energy efficiency, there are many small steps you can take for a positive impact on your business. Our blog explores a wide range of these topics. Including the best advice for businesses wanting to cut energy costs and how to cut your energy consumption.


To conclude:

While we remain hopeful that the government will continue to offer support for small businesses with their energy, we understand that from the latest budget, much more focus is being placed on inflation. Meaning less attention may be given to the energy market over the next year. Using our advice, we suggest that all small businesses worried about the end of their government-backed support to reach out for more information from our customer support teams. We can discuss next steps and future payments, helping to ensure you are on the right tariff and are able to pay your energy bills.

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